Saturday, June 26, 2010


A story that shocked us all a few years ago about Natascha Kampusch the kidnap victim from Austria is going to be adapted for the big screen. You probably still remember this terrifying case of this young girl who was abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil while walking home from school, after which he held her captive in his cellar for eight years. She somehow managed to escape in 2006, while Priklopil committed suicide immediately after that by throwing himself under a train. This stirring movie will be directed by Bernd Eichinger who already has his lead actors in mind according to the first rumors - while he wants Christoph Waltz to play Priklopil, Natascha Kampusch will probably be portrayed by no one else but Kate Winslet. Although she is 12 years older than the 22 years old Natascha, Kate has already proved herself in many disturbing and psychologically difficult dramatic roles accepting many professional challenges that most of her colleagues wouldn't carry out. Natascha Kampusch has admitted that she has accepted to turn her story into a film because of thousands of kind letters she has received after her tragic experience.


  1. I'm not interested in these kind of films/stories. And even if I were, I would still think someone younger should play that role. No matter how good Kate is (and she really is good).

  2. Well, Kate also played a granny in THE READER and was absolutely amazing and convincing so I personally trust she could do this.

  3. Love the Kate, but not sure I'd want to watch that one.

  4. yes, you need to be really prepared emotionally to watch that film.

  5. Like the others I think that this is a truly perverse story that hopefully will be handled delicately. Hope the filmmakers will use some prudent self-censorship in this one. Has the Elizabeth Smart story turned into film yet? Or the girl that was kidnapped in California and had kids by her kidnapper?
    I guess we can look forward to the story of that Vandershloot (however it's spelled) guy-- that one is indeed bizarre.

    Tossing It Out

  6. I, also am not sure, if I want to see it. I do think Kate, can pull it off, they could CGI her
    younger, botox, whatever it takes. It is Hollywood, the land where magic, trauma,and slick n' sick movies are made.(etc.)

  7. Christoph Waltz would be good in anything, though I do fear he'll end up being typecasted. As for Winslet...I don't know, I mean, they'll probably hire a younger actress to more smoothly get in the teen years--I mean, she starts out ten, and ends 18, it's a bit unreasonable to have a 30-something actress play that, despite how good they'd be. 22, maybe, is a bit better to expect.

    Does that make me terribly ageist?

  8. I think this will be an intriguing one.

  9. i'll see this movie. real-life psycho dramas done well stir me. for some weird reason, i thought of monster while i read about kampusch film.

  10. hey, people, we must remember that this is a movie which means they could easily change a story a bit and make the main character a bit older than in real life. Kate could play a girl in her early twenties :)

  11. @Arlee
    there's also the most horrible case of that German man who did this to his daughter, whom he held captive in their cellar for years and had babies with her.

    it will surely be a difficult movie to watch.

    I also have a feeling that Waltz will start getting mostly negative roles.

    hey, Jaccsy, back from holidays? :)

    well, the point of such movies is to open people's eyes and to make them more careful not just towards possible problematic people in their environment but also to all the parents - because as you know no one became a monster just like that - all of them carry certain traumas and abuse from their childhoods.

  12. Dezmond,
    You're right, she was fantastic in THE READER.

    I don't see why she can't pull this off. It's been done in the past by English actors. At the age of 40 John Hurt played a 20-something student in CRIME & PUNISHMENT. Great actors can pull off any age.

  13. oh for sure Dez - after seeing The Reader I'm convinced Kate can do ANYTHING.

  14. Kate could easily play a younger woman.

    Movies like this tear me up but I watch them and CERTAIN films I encourage my sons to watch because they need to see what others have been though, they need to feel other's pain so they learn compassion at an early age. I think this is the problem with the modern world, it is sad so they just turn their heads, they would rather watch horror and laugh at death, instead of feeling sympathy and humanity.

  15. I'm glad Kate is playing a new role. But I already guess this film will move me deeply ^^'

    It's nice to pay tribute to this poor girl...

  16. @Nadir
    yes, I'm still breathtaken with her role in THE READER, which was my favourite to win the Oscar that year, but people were more attracted to more commercial stories like BENJAMIN BUTTON and THE SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

    she and Blanchett have superpowers :)

    it's true, Avalon, we must teach our children to react on such stories with compassion and sense, not with hidden morbid joy or apathy. Sometimes I think we must educate whole nations in that, not just the young ones.

    Kate is always doing something new, she is currently shooting a television mini series in USA.

  17. I don't think I'll go watch it because I'm a bit too sensible sometimes, still the fact Kate is in it makes it temping, she is an excellent actress.
    About age, look at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in the scenes when he plays younger, *he looks* the twenty-few years old he was when he just started, don't know if it is photoshop or botox or whatever, he looked amanzigly younger to me.

    OML :)

  18. I agree w/ Dezmond...
    Kate can pull it off...