Monday, June 4, 2018


Season four starts Sunday, June 10th at BBC
Are you excited people? The fourth, and most probably the penultimate, season of popular British period set saga POLDARK starts its eight episode run next Sunday, June 10th on BBC, and for the viewers in Northern America on PBS Masterpiece later next Autumn September 30th! Everybody's favourite Captain Ross Poldark will, as he himself admits, sell his soul and go into politics after refusing to do so in previous three seasons. Tough times require drastic measures. Stay tuned for more photos, I will be updating the spotlight throughout the week as the info arrives!

set in the 18th century Cornwall will see Ross (Aidan Turner) putting himself as political rival to his dastardly enemy George Warleggan (Jack Farthing), and possibly moving to London. Turmoil will rule in his private
Aidan Turner's Captain Ross Poldark will head to Westminster this season
life as well after his shameless adulteress wife Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) has cold heartedly cheated on him with Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse), a man whose life Ross saved by heroically risking his own
Demelza's and Ross' marriage will suffer due to her adultery
which obviously did not mean much to his flimsy wife. She is obviously still torn between her loving husband and a lovesick Hugh, who is set to rival
The Enyses will be expecting a baby at the beginning of the season
George in the upcoming election but due to his poor health Ross will obviously have to take over his candidacy and chalange George himself. Their friends
Elizabeth still hides from George that little Valentine isn't his son but Ross'
Dwight and Caroline Enyse (Luke Norris and Gabriella Wilde) contemplate having a child and the love of Ross' youth Elizabeth (Heida Reed) seeks the same to secure her marriage with his biggest enemy
The beauty of Cornwall will dominate this season as well! Click for bigger view
Warleggan who still does not know their son Valentine is not his but Poldark's. Meanwhile, their ex nanny Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) uses her husband
Warlegans will try to increase their power in London
Osborne’s (Christian Brassington) affair with her sister Rowella (Esme Coy) to keep the reverend’s advances at bay! Harry Richardson and Tom
Rejoice! Season 4 opens with Ross coming out of the ocean like this!
 York return as Demelza’s brothers Drake and Sam ready for a lot of new trouble with law. Series four will cover the happenings until the Christmas period of 1799. The fifth season will probably start with a ten year jump.

When it comes to new faces in the cast, Max Bennett joins the crew as villainous member of parliament Monk Adderley who takes a particular interest in Demelza! He is an unscrupulous and very vivid society figure without conscience and loyalty.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Front also joins the cast as Lady Whitworth, formidable mother of perverse reverend Osborne who does not care that her son loves to suck female toes in his free tme. The arrival of his overbearing mother will bring more trouble to Morwenna.


  1. Replies
    1. Love his coat... wouldn't fit my belly :P

  2. 'shameless adulteress wife Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson)... flimsy wife' do you even watch the show? missed the previous series when Ross cheated FIRST?

    1. You mean cheating on your husband with a man whose life he saved risking heroically his own does not make you a shameless adulteress? Especially when you do that to him after he also risked his life to save the whole village and countless lives of the poor in the mines? And went bravely to France to rescue innocent people selflessly? Really?

      What he did with Elizabeth was wrong, but there is a massive difference. She is his first love and he did it blinded by passion without the intention to hurt his wife. Which makes him stupid indeed. But what Demelza did was planned, coldhearted evil revenge done out of spite, intentionally and cruelly to a man she is supposed to love. Massive difference. Especially as he risked his life so many times to make her life comfortable and save the roof over their heads.

    2. Demelza was in love with Hugh, just as Ross was in love with Elizabeth. It wasn't revenge. Let's not forget Ross forced himself on Liz! And a child resulted from it! Indeed, no comparison at all!

    3. LOL Demelza knew Hugh for just about few days before she threw herself at him. What love? And Ross did not force himself, she accepted him gladly as we've all seen, it wasn't done like in the books. But the point is still the same: Ross did it stupidly blinded by passion without any wish to hurt Demelza, while Demelza did it with that sole purpose = to hurt and stab in the heart the man who she says she loves more than anything.
      And let us not forget that she has also led him toward Elizabeth with her constant nagging. Ross saves grain in their barn to spare the village from hunger and she nags him, he saves the smuggled goods from those ships in order to save the village again from hunger and she nags, he opens the mines to feed the whole village and the poor and she nags, he gives her brother a blacksmith shop and she nags, he gives her other brother a barn for a church and she nags, he takes her from the street gutters and turns her into the lady of Nampara and she nags again, he saves dozens of men from French prison risking his own life and she greets him back nagging... there is no end to her bitter dissatisfaction.

    4. I'm with you, 100%. There are few characters as virtuous & naturally full of heart as Demelza. I agree she loves Armitage, & consented after much debate within herself, probably out of compassion as much as desire. And besides, I love Ross but in real life, I have known situations where the guy stupidly cheated, then the woman cheated to empower herself, & it equalized the relationship for the man to get a dose of his own poison. In the end those that stayed together ironically were stronger & more committed.

    5. You're just trying to justify her, ladies, she's just nasty and self centred and thinks the world circles around her as I proved in my previous comment.

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    1. it's becoming repetitive indeed, it really shouldn't go further than season 5

  4. I am sure you are really looking forward to the new season, Dezzy. It does sound like quite the soap opera indeed!

    1. I don't really, I loved it in the first seasons and then it kinda became repetitive and they brought in some boring characters and messed with the plot. It is still a nice show, just ruined a bit.

    2. That's too bad. I do have it on my must see list, but it's a bit further down than others I want to watch first.

    3. you might still enjoy it, ladies seems to adore it

  5. "...loves to suck female toes"; that reminds me of a shoe-shop near my place of work where the vendor used to "play" with the female customer's feet under the guise of helping them measure the shoes. He was fired, but the shop lost buyers and closed down.

    1. There was an episode in Sex and the City in which one of the girls allows the shop assistant to play with her toes in exchange for free very expensive shoes :)))

  6. This is the best assessment of Demelza I've ever read!

  7. I've lost interest in this show because it's become a soap opera and because I immensely dislike how TPTB *changed* the character of Demelza from the books into this bitchy, nagging shrew. TV Ross deserves much better than someone who can't ever seem to be pleased. TV Ross Poldark could cure cancer and TV Demelza would find something she didn't like and bitch at him about it and treat him like he's an idiot. I hate that they took a character who was down-to-earth and found joy in simplicity and turned her into the poster child for lonely and bitter old man-haters all over the world.