Monday, November 4, 2019


It starts tomorrow on HBO for USA audience
It is here, spylings, it is finally here, the premiere of the small screen television series adaptation of Philip Pullman's epic saga HIS DARK MATERIALS hits BBC tonight and then HBO tomorrow evening, November 4th! I can't say I'm overly thrilled, there is something deeply unappealing about this cast for me, but I know most of you will not agree, so I will leave you to enjoy it tonight with today's spotlight on the main characters!

The Eight Part Saga
tells the story of Lyra, who lives in Jordan College, Oxford. Placed there at the request of her Uncle, Lord Asriel, she lives a sheltered life amongst the
The series will start tonight on BBC oNE
scholars and college staff while under the watchful protection of The Master and Librarian Scholar Charles. When the glamorous Mrs Coulter enters Lyra’s life she embarks upon a dangerous journey of discovery from Oxford to London. Here she meets Father Macphail, Lord Boreal and journalist Adele Starminster at a glittering society party where she first hears about the sinister General Oblation Board. Lyra is subsequently thrown into the nomadic world of the boat dwelling Gyptians who take her North in her quest. Once in the North she meets charismatic aeronaut and adventurer Lee Scoresby who joins them on their epic journey and who becomes one of Lyra’s closest allies.

Dafne Keen is Lyra Belacqua
A young orphan raised by the scholars of Jordan College, Oxford, Lyra’s never happier than roaming the city with her friends – but revelations about
Due to kids growing fast, Daphne Keen already shot the second season of the series, sixteen episodes in total so far! We will see first eight this year
her true heritage will take her on a dangerous journey, where her talent with the future predicting alethiometer will be put to the ultimate test. Her dæmon, Pantalaimon, has yet to settle in one form.

James McAvoy is Lord Asriel
A fierce and formidable man from an aristocratic background, Lord
Helen McRory lends her voice to James McAvoy's Stelmaria snow leopard
Asriel plans a momentous scientific expedition that could bring serious repercussions down on Lyra. His dæmon, Stelmaria, takes the form of a Snow Leopard.

Ruth Wilson is Mrs Coulter
The mesmerizing and elegant Mrs Coulter enchants Lyra, but
Ruth Wilson is evil and very secretive Mrs Coulter
proves to have a dark side when her true schemes are revealed. Her dæmon takes the form of a golden monkey.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is Lee Scoresby
A Texan aeronaut and adventurer, Scoresby finds himself pulled into
Lin Manuel Miranda plays an adventurer who helps Lira
Lyra’s adventure when he’s hired to transport her across the north. His dæmon, Hester, takes the form of an Arctic Hare.

Ruta Gedmintas is Serafina Pekkala
The clan queen of the witches of Lake Enara, Serafina forms a close
Ruta Gedmintas plays the queen of witches
bond with Lyra as she helps her on her journey. Her dæmon is a snow goose called Kaisa.

Will Keen is Father MacPhail
MacPhail is the president of the Consistorial Court of Discipline, an
Will Keen is also the real life father of Daphne Keen!
important part of the Church, and he has designs to track down Lyra or have her assassinated. His dæmon is a lizard.

  What Did The Spy Think?
Visually rather lovely, but fully lacking in any personality, the series is a great disappointment with slow narration and almost no dynamics. For those who haven't read the books, most of the plot will be confusing with nothing to
Poorly done script explains the brutal drop of almost one third in audience at BBC between episodes one and two!
attract them to watch the whole series. There are no great performances in it either with little Daphne Keen struggling acting-wise in literally every scene. Even Mcavoy does not bring any charisma to his character with Manuel Miranda being his usual mediocre self.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm going to try to make time to watch this series!

DEZMOND said...

I will check it out myself next week, but I'm more excited about Apple's See :) which I'm starting tomorrow!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I do want to see this one, but I'll wait like I normally do until it has run it's full course before diving in.

Jax said...

This looks great! I haven’t heard of it until now, but it’s definitely something I’d carve time out for. Besides, James Mcavoy usually plays a great part. Is it me, or does the last picture resemble a bald Hugh Jackman?

DEZMOND said...

It won't be long as it has only eight episodes.

DEZMOND said...

What do you mean you haven't heard of it before now? I had a post on it (one of many others) just two weeks ago :) and the banner is up for weeks!

Jax said...

Eep!! That's what I get for commenting at 4:30 AM after taking bendaryl the night before. :)

DEZMOND said...