Sunday, November 17, 2019


BBC has been postponing this one for, methinks, almost two years, and now that first reports from the countries that already aired it are coming in, we kinda get the picture why. I will give it a go when it premieres this Sunday
The War of the Worlds starts this Sunday on  BBC One
on  BBC One, but I hear it is a dreary and pointless adaptation which changes the story the way it suits BBC's modern agenda, making, for example, the
The series has been shot in three hourlong episodes
female character of Amy the lead one, even though she does not appear in the novel THE WAR OF THE WORLDS by HG Wells on which the three part series is supposed to be based upon. As The Sun says in their review, they've
Rafe Spall and Eleanor Tomlinson play the lead roles in the series
turned the beloved book into a politically correct ‘woke’ drama making a mockery out of the source material. Beside Eleanor Tomlinson who plays
The series already aired in some countries, New Zealand for example
the role of Amy, the cast also includes Rafe Spall, Robert Carlyle and Rupert Graves, in the famous story of alien invasion of Earth in the Edwardian (in the book it is Victorian) England setting.

  Love In The Time Of Aliens   
Woking, 1905. George (Rafe Spall) and Amy’s (Eleanor Tomlinson) relationship is a scandal. They are a painful embarrassment to George’s brother Frederick (Rupert Graves), an upstanding servant of the British
Rafe Spall is George, passionate, stubborn and brave. He blindly follows his heart, doing everything he can to save his loved ones from the Martian invasion, even if that means putting himself in danger.
Empire, and pariahs in their own neighbourhood. Their only friend is local scientist and fellow outcast Ogilvy (Robert Carlyle). When a mysterious
Eleanor Tomlinson is Amy, in her twenties, fierce, intelligent and ahead of her time, aiming to study natural sciences at college. With the coming of the Martian invasion, she may be mankind’s last hope.
capsule lands one night on Earth at Horsell Common, George, Amy and Ogilvy are the first to examine it. However, as more people gather to study the
Rupert Graves is Frederick, George’s older brother. He works at the Admiralty in London as the Secretary to the Minister for War. He’s an upstanding servant of the British Empire and, despite his strained relationship with George, a caring brother.
unusual object it quickly becomes clear that this is no inanimate object fallen from the sky - but a transport for a living, fighting organism from outer space.
Robert Carlyle is Ogilvy, a good friend of Amy and George, and an outcast himself. He’s an astronomer and scientist in his 50s who is kind and good-humoured. His tireless experiments could be the key to driving back the Martian invasion.
As more people gather to study it, it lashes out and kills scores of people. And so begins a terrifying ordeal, as more capsules land on Earth and release a
Amy apparently takes most of the action scenes instead of George
horde of murderous Martian tripods which stalk England exterminating and consuming everything in their wake. As wave upon wave of Martian invaders
The reactions to the series so far have been singularly negative
land on Earth, mankind faces an almighty fight for survival. In amongst the chaos, George, Amy, Frederick and Ogilvy must put their personal difficulties aside as they attempt to hold onto their humanity.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I never read the book, and after watching the trailer, will probably skip watching this. Were the reviews bad because of the addition of the female character or just because it's crap all the way around?

DEZMOND said...

Mostly because they say the series gets boring really quickly, loses dynamics or something. The female was added into the story and does all the action even though Wells did not have her in his book.

Phil said...

Promising, just lookig now at the series 'La guerre des mondes', a franco-american-english coproduction, obviuously a prolific (and wonderful) novel!

DEZMOND said...

That's the contemporary version with Gabriel Byrne, right?

Natalia said...

Another one for me, too bad I don't have much time!☺

DEZMOND said...

This one will make you sleepy quickly if you watch it in the evenings.

Jax said...

Based on your positive review, I can’t wait to see this one. I kid, I kid... it can’t be much worse than the movie with Tom Cruise. Although, the noise when the aliens come still freaks me out to this day.

Phil said...


DEZMOND said...

I knew it!

DEZMOND said...

I watched da first episode yesternight, it was watchable but it is so clear they wanted to push the invented female character as the lead one even though she does not exist in the book that it became annoying ten minutes in. She is literally in every scene, rides, smokes, runs, digs, you name it. It was ridiculous.