Sunday, May 26, 2019


Beecham House opens its doors June 23rd
An exquisite epic delight for you this weekend: first trailer has been released for six part historical saga BEECHAM HOUSE which will air this summer on British ITV and later on at PBS in Northern America set in 18th century India!

set on the cusp of the 19th century in Delhi before the British ruled in that region, depicts the fortunes of the residents of Beecham House, an imposing mansion surrounded by acres of exotic woods and pristine lawns. Tom Bateman takes the role of enigmatic, soulful John Beecham, a handsome former soldier who has purchased the magnificent mansion, BEECHAM HOUSE, to begin a new life with his family. Wealthy and distinguished, John has witnessed profiteering and exploitation during
Gurinder Chada both wrote and directed the new epic TV seres
his time with the controlling East India Company and has resolved to conduct his business as a trader in a more equitable manner. Determined to escape his previous life, John appears haunted by his past, but is inspired to become an
Tom Bateman leads an ITV series again after Vanity Fair
honourable member of the region’s trading community. In spite of John’s good intentions his life is shrouded in mystery and when he arrives at the house with a child named August and two Indian nursemaids, Chanchal
Victoria's Leo Suter plays Beecham's younger brother Daniel!
(Shriya Pilgaonkar) and Maya (Trupti Khamkar), it causes speculation and gossip amongst the servants that he may be the boy’s father. One of the Indian nursemaids, the beautiful Chanchal, is overly protective and
Beecham House will also air on PBS Masterpiece probably this Autumn
particularly fond of the child. Could she be John’s lover and the mother of August? Lesley Nicol is John’s robust, interfering mother Henrietta who has travelled from England to India to stay with her son. She is accompanied by a young family friend Violet, played by Bessie Carter who she is determined to
Marc Warren will play John's friend Samuel Parker
help form a union with John. The pair are accompanied by an old friend of John’s, Samuel Parker, played by Marc Warren who has also left the East India Company and has returned to India for a fresh start. Samuel helps John
Gregory Fitoussi is villainous General Castillon
to find his brother Daniel who he has not seen for 10 years. John convinces Daniel  (Leo Suter) to leave the East India Company and join him at BEECHAM HOUSE. Gregory Fitoussi plays General Castillon, a French mercenary working for the Emperor at a time when the French are challenging the East India Company for India. Castillon is suspicious of John and his
Tom Bateman's John will be sporting tons of Indiana Jones costumes1
motives and conspires to stop John being granted a trading licence. Adil Ray  is John’s neighbour Murad Beg who dislikes General Castillon intensely and agrees to help John secure a trading licence. Murad’s daughter, Roshanara, (Medha Shankar) has an English governess Margaret Osborne, played by Dakota Blue Richards whose beauty and intelligence catches John’s
Downton Abbey's Leslie Nicol plays John's mother
attention. However, when beautiful Chandrika (Pallavi Sharda) arrives at BEECHAM HOUSE with her entourage she is shown to luxurious guest quarters and immediately insists on seeing August. What secrets does Chandrika bring with her to BEECHAM HOUSE? Finally Laura Dutta plays Begum Samru, a real woman who existed in 18th century India and was the head of a professional trained mercenary army.


DUTA said...

What a cute baby! Such a very handsome father!
The series is going to be visually great with beautiful locations and costumes.
As for the plot - it seems there are too many people at the mansion, and that will prevent things from moving smoothly.
A lot will depend on the script and the actors.

DEZMOND said...

I'd really enjoy an Indian set series this summer! ITV had Indian Summers a few years ago and it was lovely watching during summer.

The Angry Lurker said...

It's a maybe from me!

DEZMOND said...

A lil' bit of preRaj fun this summer! said...

Love the idea of this and that dude dressed in those lovely dusty romantic clothes! I will wait impatiently for this one to show up!

DEZMOND said...

I'm guessing it will hit your PBS in Autumn.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I will keep my eyes peeled for this one on PBS. Too bad it will be this fall instead of summer, but it will be one that I know I won't want to miss.

DEZMOND said...

I hope it does not disappoint like other ITV's shows this year. They've turned Victoria into pathetic melodrama.