Monday, January 25, 2021


The series  started airing in November
Beside all the new period set series coming from sweet mother Russia throughout this year that your trusted spy has announced in world's most extensive spotlight on 2021 epic and period set television series, there are some that have already aired this winter. IVAN THE TERRIBLE (Grozny) is among them, it aired this November and December on Russia's national broadcaster in eight hourlong episodes, as a sort of a follow up to the previous successful series from director Alexei Andrianov, Sofia and Godunov, this time with the story of a ruler who experienced great victories and great defeats. The main role is played by
Sergey Makovetsky plays the grown up tzar Ivan the Terrible
two actors: Alexander Yatsenko as young Ivan, and Sergei Makovetsky as the older tzar. The series also stars Tatyana Lyalina (as princess Anastasiya Ivan's first wife), Artur Ivanov, Anton Feoktistov, controversial
Serbian actress Milena Radulovich (whose involvement in the cast gives the whole project an international vibe), Lyudmila Polyakova, Artyom Tkachenko (as Ivan's brother Prince Vladimir), Maria Paley (as Vladimir's
The series aired in eight episodes this winter
wife Princess Evdokiya) and others. Thousands of costumes, hundreds of actors and half a thousand sets have been used in the production of this lavish historical saga.

IVAN THE TERRIBLE follows the legendary tzar, born to rule, who grew up an orphan, enduring oppression and humiliation from his fellow boyars. The Tsar, striving to establish a single and indestructible power in Russia, was repeatedly betrayed by his closest associates, and having gained great love, he lost it in the darkness of conspiracies and intrigues. This is the story of a ruler who experienced great victories and great defeats.

1571. Moscow is devastated after the brutal raid of the Crimean Khan Devlet Girey. Sovereign Ivan the Terrible, deciding that his kingdom has come
Milena Radulovich is Ivan's second wife tzarina Mariya
to an end, begins to write a chronicle of his life. He recalls his early orphanhood, humiliation suffered from his guardians, friends who became
Konstantin Krukov is prince Andrey Kurbsky
enemies, and enemies to whom he was merciless. He cannot escape the memories of his wife Anastasia, the marriage to whom was the happiest period
The series was shot in more than 400 different sets
of his life, love that illuminated the first years of his reign ... Young Ivan IV is surrounded by loyal people and wise advisers. He conquered Kazan, created a
The production started in February 2020 before covid pandemics
new army, established  new laws, and an heir was born to him. But soon the bright reign comes to an end: the heir dies, followed by his beloved wife, and
Nikita Panfilov is prince Ivan Chelyadnin
the former loyal advisers, one after another, turn into traitors. Ivan IV is gradually being reborn into the infamous Ivan the Terrible - a cruel tyrant.
The series was directed by Alexei Andrianov
And now rumors about his ruthlessness and violent disposition are becoming true, and these changes in the character of the emperor are changing history.
The series involves tons of battle and war scenes as well
Enemies are approaching Russia - will the country be able to withstand? Check out the darkly atmospheric teaser trailer below and tell us what you think:


  1. Bet there will be a lot of masculine men in there! 💪🏻 I know many are expectin' ripped male torsos, maybe at least one will appear! 🤷‍♂️

    1. Russians don't really play on the sex card in their movies and series unlike the Western media, but they sure do have gorgeous men and women.

  2. Replies
    1. Very rich. They used to put on all their regalia to distinguish themselves from the peasants :)

  3. Really beautiful costumes, I love them.

  4. I'm gonna admit, I totally thought that picture of Milena Radulovich was Jimmy Fallon LOL. I was like WTF is he doing there?

    1. Ahahahah :) Oy, don't mention her, she is currently the main star of all the press here as she revealed that she was raped by her drama teacher when she was 17 and she said it only now when she is ten years older, which pretty much allowed him to molest other girls for a decade unobstructed. Most people don't believe her, as her whole story is very weak and suspicious (she was returning to his classes even after he allegedly raped her and then went to drama college in the class of his wife LOL and she does not find that strange at all... And she does have evil in her eyes so these evil roles really suit her, methinks.

    2. She does not sound like a very stable person at all! Thankfully I've never been in a position where I've been raped, but I don't imagine I'd been keen to return anywhere near my attacker if that ever happened. Very odd when one brings it up that many years later.

    3. Yes, and at the court hearing the judge forbade his lawyer to ask her why she was coming back and if there was a way for her to leave the room (which was next to the room where other pupils were). Smells like corruption to me. Feminazzis are currently turning her into a hero here, but a large chunk of the public is suspicious. But it does reveal the corruption in our system where you can obviously get into drama college if you have sex with a private school teacher who happens to be the husband of a college lecturer. Most of our younger actors are kids of older actors, so we are used to nepotism and corruption here. And our drama college in BG accepts only 12 new students a year.

  5. LOL @ Theresa's comment!!!

    This one sounds really good. Your description of the tsar gaining rule after becoming an orphan was interesting. I read a book about the Russian revolution that said people were basically born into Russian royalty. Is this not true?

    1. Born into royalty in which way? They had their princes which were raised from the birth to become tzars in most cases, and like in many other countries if there were more children, brothers would often kill each other for the throne. Some of the kids in the old Russian princedom of Moscowia were hidden for years so that nobles wouldn't kill them until they are of age to take over the throne. It was dangerous being or royal blood indeed.

    2. Yes, that's exactly what the book depicted. If that's the case, then how did an orphan become tsar?

    3. Hid daddy died when he was just 3 and then his mother Yelena Glinskaya was the regent, a very despised one, until she also died when Ivan was about 8, when he basically became a royal orphan. Until he came of age the rest of the princes and dukes fought amongst themselves for the position of the regent. While they fought for years like that, little Ivan was left totally neglected, without any significant care, like an orphan, a humiliation they will pay for later on when he becomes the tzar. He was about 17 when he was finally crowned, after which he chose Anastasiya among thousands of girls to become his wife, as she was from the dynasty of Romanovs.

    4. I see. When I read orphan, I automatically thought of an adopted child. Now it makes much more sense. :)