Saturday, January 2, 2016


 Can you believe that another year is behind us and that it is again time for our traditional sum up of the year in music? Since the year we ended two days ago saw a rather brutal downfall of pop music in UK and USA, HOLLYWOOD SPY'S TOP 20 BEST SONGS OF 2015 will have tons of stuff from the world stage! Buckle up and tell me what were your fave songs last year?


1. MAITRE GIMS - Est ce Que Tu M aimes 
This is the song that was played the most last year at HOLLYWOOD SPY's headquarters! French singer Maitre Gims has released an almost flawless new album last year and it was our cornucopia of pleasure!
Not Just Love, the absolutely contagious song from the Turkish megastar made us shake our bums all summer long! I dare you to play the video and not jump from the very first beat!
3. VERA BREZHNEVA - Dobroe Utro
When gorgeous Russian lady Verochka wishes you A Good Morning, how can you not be stunned with her beauty, the breathtaking video and the beautiful song?
4. SIA - Bird Set Free
You all know I find Sia terribly weird even for my taste, but the lady knows how to make a good song, this was my fave from her new album!
5. MAITRE GIMS & SIA - Je Te Pardonne
How can you not end up with a hauntingly touching song when you connect Maitre Gims and Sia in the same ballad? 
6. ADAM LAMBERT - Ghost Town
The best dance anthem of 2015 came from that darling man Lambert! You don't really expect what comes in the chorus when the first slow beats start, but oh, my, what an explosion it is when it hits the climax! 
7. SHAWN MENDES - Aftertaste
9. BLACK M - On S'Fait Du Mal 
Love the song, love the beat, love the choreography!

10. V. BOZEMAN - What is Love?
Yep, it is that haunting ballad from EMPIRE show!

11. INDILA - Love Story
Another French star like Black M and Maitre Gims!

12. KYGO - Firestone
13. TRAIN - Give It All
One of the most beautiful videos of the year for sure!
14. SHAWN MENDES - Stitches
15. ENYA - Echoes In The Rain
16. KWABS - Walk
17. BRANDON FLOWERS - Can't Deny My Love

18. MARKUS FEEHILY - Butterfly

20. ELLIE GOULDING - Love Me Like You Do
 The red links will lead you to the videos!


  1. Replies
    1. that is why Dezz is here, Fran, to introduce you to some brilliant new music :)

  2. I wanted that Adam Lambert album for Christmas but didn't get it. So I'll just buy it for myself! I love him but I miss his glam look and dramatic eyebrows, LOL!

    1. I wish he had more hits on the album, the other two from it were rather bland :( And he needs another record label who will push his marketing more

  3. Replies
    1. he made no new songs last year, he was lazy

    2. Isn't Elvis dead... I wouldn't swear on it, but he could be :)

    3. yep, Adam, eating samiches with jam, peanut butter and bacon

  4. Popped into blogger today and saw you hadn't done a Sunday post.

    Hope all is okay darling.

    1. it usually arrives after 6PM CET, dear :) or 7PM CET on weekdays!

    2. that's about 8hours after EAST COAST time :)

  5. I find Sia a little over the top, but she does have some amazing talent. Except that song where she screeches "I'm Alive" over and over again. I'd like to remedy that after a minute of listening to that over and over again.

    Hello was my #1 pick this year. How can you not love Adele? She's amazing!

    1. Yes, there is an entirely too much screaming in I'M ALIVE :) But I do adore BIRD SET FREE, both the melody and the lovely lyrics. She sometimes has stupid lyrics, is ugly as hell (deliberately, but not in a cool way like Gaga), screams too much and has horrible performances, but, boy, can that girl compose a melody like nobody else!

      Adele is nice, but I find all the hoopla around her a bit too much, she ain't that good, she often sings like from a barrel and has no talent for writing good melodies. I fret when they call her the greatest singer of all times... I mean hello :) she's a little kid compared to Tina, Celine, Whitney, Nicole... I did adore the Miss Piggy version of HELLO though :) And Celine Dion's too. And my fave from Adele is SET FIRE TO THE RAIN

    2. We watched Sia doing a performance on Saturday Night Live and Jason sat there like WTF is this? the entire time. It was a true train wreck, but we couldn't tear ourselves away.

      I don't think Adel is the greatest of all time, but I do love most of her songs. Whitney and Celine will always be tops in that department. I'm actually thinking Demi Lovato has a nice set of pipes on her too. I think she could really rise to be one of the tops if she moves away from those teeny bopper pop songs she likes to do and gets more serious with her lyrics.

    3. I even wanted to puke when that older Asian lady started throwing herself around the floor in that ridiculously stupid choreography, I was like - CRAZY MONKEYS, YOU ARE RUINING A STUNNING SONG WITH THAT CIRCUS. I did not know whether to laugh myself poopless or to just puke.

      I like her HEARTATTACK and SKYSCRAPER ... Is it her of Selena Gomez who went too sexy last year? Or both of them? Shawn Mendes was my fave of them teen brats last year... for some reason his screetching is wonderfully soothing to me :)

    4. Yes! Her flopping around on the floor was horrific. We thought it was a joke at first, but quickly realized what a hot mess the whole performance was.

      Selena turned to sexy, but that's one tart I can't stand. Her voice scrapes my nerves to no end. Have you heard Demi's version of Let It Go? It's my favorite, even though that song has been played to death.

      Shawn Mendes, I think I only know that one song of his about stitches. It's a pretty catchy tune that I find myself singing along to.

    5. I'm sure Sia thought the lady was cute, but we already know her definition of cute is peculiar to say the least.
      I think Demi turned sexy too, and put on tons of tattoos, wasn't she the one who was caressing her intimate parts at AMAs this year?
      We do love STITCHES and that song that you liked at my Facebook yesterday :)

    6. the SHEWOLF, CHANDELIER singer... just two of some of the biggest hits in recent ten years. Don't tell me you haven't heard of DAVID GUEATTA'S and SIA's SHEWOLF? It's my fave dance anthem ever

    7. Oh, yes. I do remember that song from your Facebook. So, I know 2 of his works lol.

      Blue should stick with only audio of Sia. Tell him to skip any visuals since she's a real odd bird.

    8. the song is up here too, sistah :)
      Blue likes them odd, methinks

  6. Ah! On s'fait du mal and some of the songs from this playlist reminds me of road trips in France. It's amazing how memories are connected with certain songs.

    1. oh, finally someone who gets my love for French music :) I'm currently listening to Mylene Farmer's latest single 'City of Love' and Maitre was my number one star last year

  7. Enya is forever. Oronocco Flow (Sail Away) anyone? There were some pretty good tunes to come from 2016 but I always fall behind the times. While I also love Adele's hello, I rediscovered an oldie but goodie with 'She was a friend of mine' by Kelly Price. For me that song was the black Adele. Binged listened to it big time on Youtube. Oh and Sia is a musical Goddess to me. Elastic Heart stole my soul. Hooked on her since I heard Titanium. Glad you have such wide taste Dezmond and to show how old my musical taste is right now 'Just an Illusions' by Imagination is playing in my head.

    1. I always like to find songs from all over the world instead of just listening the crap UK and USA are serving to us :) France, Russia, Germany, Scandinavia, Turkey - I try to cover them all.
      The music from the previous decades was so much better than the today's one :(

    2. Everone knows Sia. Am I the only one who doesn't know who she is?

    3. well, click on the videos above and you will get to know her