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Interview with renowned make-up and effects expert Shaun Smith who worked on 300, CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, THE MONKEY KING, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, I AM LEGEND!

Interview with brilliant Anthony Silverston, from Triggerfish Animation Studios, director of KHUMBA animated film and writer and producer of ZAMBEZIA animated worldwide blockbuster!

Interview with amazing TREVOR MORRIS, the Emmy award winning composer of epic music from THE TUDORS, THE BORGIAS, THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH, IMMORTALS!

Interview with Samuel Park, the bestselling writer of THIS BURNS MY HEART enchanting novel from Amazon's Top 100 Best books of 2011, praised by PEOPLE MAGAZINE and many others!

Interview with Kyle Pryor, New Zealand actor from SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND, HOME AND AWAY and LEGEND OF THE SEEKER

Interview with Samantha Sotto, the author of Random House's BEFORE EVER AFTER bestseller

Interview with Melissa Bradley, six times published author 

Interview with Alex Cavanaugh, the author of sf novel CASSASTAR and CASSAFIRE

Two stars of WORLD WITHOUT END mini series, the follow up to PILLARS OF THE EARTH share their impressions with HOLLYWOOD SPY:
Simon Nader's impressions, Caroline Boulton's impressions!