Monday, June 8, 2020


Throughout this week your trusted spy has been introducing you to what is left of Russian cinematic releases for the rest of 2020 and we are
The film was supposed to open this October
crowning the spotlight today with two of our most anticipated movies from their production, if not from the whole worldwide offer this year. This winter was generally planned as the most massive cinematic holiday season ever in Russia with the releases of the long awaited expensive blockbusters The Goalkeeper of Galaxy (come back tomorrow), Project Gemini, The Silver Skates (see below) and Last Knight: The Root of Evil, but I'm not sure if they are still sticking to the plan due to corona. A film that could join them as it will probably get pushed to winter or maybe even to the next year UPON THE MAGIC ROADS was originally supposed to rob their box offices this Autumn. The wildly opulent big screen adaptation
Anton Shagin plays the hero Ivan the Fool
of Russia's most famous traditional fairy tale Конёк горбунок aka The Humpbacked Horse still does not have a trailer nor a poster, but your spy
As you can see the film will be filled with wildly rich costumes
has managed to find mind blowing first photos from it for you and they promise a feast for the eyes in the vein of Disney's Nutcracker and Mirror
You can also expect rich fairy tale sets, cities, palaces, villages
Mirror. Directed by Oleg Pogodin it will have Anton Shagin (as Ivan The Fool), Pavel Derevyanko (as the voice of Konyek Gorbunok), Paulina
The film was shot in summer 2018 and is in postproduction
Andreeva (as the princess), Mikhail Yefremov (as the Tzar), Yan Tsapnik, Oleg Taktarov, Lyasan Utiasheva (as the voice of the legendary Firebird),
The costumes are inspired by Russia's extremely rich folklore
Aleksandr Semchev in the cast. If you are familiar with one of the most beloved fairy tales of the whole Slavic world, you know that it follows the
The movie still does not have a new release date
adventures of legendary Ivan the Fool and his noble assistant - Humpbacked Horse. The shooting of the film finished in 2018 and since then the movie has been in complex postproduction.

Ivan The Fool And His Horse  
Once upon a time there lived Ivan, a little slob, but not a fool at all, though the youngest of three brothers. He once rescued a magic mare and received as a reward a friend and a faithful companion - the Little Humpbacked Horse.
The production included an insane number of extras and actors
Not simple, but also magical - small and almost fearless. And now Ivan, having such a horse, has all the luck of the world in his hands. But the tzar, who has Ivan in his service, sees his fortune as a bone in his own throat. Therefore, he
At one point Ivan will visit the ice palace of the far way tzarina
gives Ivan impossible tasks - either to catch the Firebird, then to release the  wondrous Fish-Whale from captivity, then to marry the beautiful tzarina who
The far away kingdom in which Ivan ends in his adventures
lives on the edge of the earth in ice mansions. But having met the overseas beauty, Vanya will not remain the same. He fell in love with the beauty, although he knows that this love could get his head off his shoulders...

Silver Skates should arrive this December
Another lavish spectacle that has been planned for a December release has also been in works for a very long time, but having in mind its insane opulence, rich fairy tale sets, enchantingly gorgeous costumes and beautiful songs written especially for the film, I think it will be worth all the wait: SILVER SKATES also known as  Serebryanye konki will mesmerise you as soon as you check out the first trailer below. Directed by Michael Lockshin it stars our gorgeous favourite Kirill Zaytsev alongside Sonia Priss, Fedor Fedotov and Yuri Kolokolnikov
Matvey and Alice fall unexpectedly in love while skating
as the Great Prince. Check out the enchanting trailer below and tell us what you think.

  The Winter Of Love & Drama
The 20th century is just around the corner. In winter, St. Petersburg transforms into a fairytale-like wonderland where frozen rivers and canals
Our gorgeous Kirill Zaytsev also stars in the movie
bustle with festivity. The city is home to 18-year-old Matvey who works as a delivery boy at a famous local bakery. The son of a poor lamplighter, his only
You can expect lavish costumes in the movie
treasure is a pair of silver-plated skates he inherited from his father. Meanwhile, a high-ranking official's daughter Alisa is feeling like a prisoner in
The film will have tons of winter wonderland scene settings
her father's mansion after being offered to become the wife of the Grand Prince. One day their paths cross. Each has its own difficult story, but once faced, they rush to a dream together.


  1. I love the costumes in the pictures.

  2. I have never heard of the tale of The Humpbacked Horse. Silver Skates looks like a good watch. My in laws went to St. Petersburg and toured Russia less than a year ago. It looks like a magnificent city. Hopefully one day I'll be able to get there and see for myself. :)

    1. Well, that is sad, missy, it is one of world's most famous, and also most beautiful, fairy tales. You should really read Catherine Arden's The Bear and The Nightingale saga to introduce yourselves to the beauties of Russian folklore. I'd love to visit Russia too! I'm considered a number one translator for Russia fairy tale based English lg novels here in my country.

  3. Thank goodness for Russia as these all sound really good. Lord knows we don't have anything good coming out of the US any time soon.

    1. Don't forget to watch the trailer, it is so beautiful.

    2. I did, but I am having trouble finding the song in the trailer. Do you know who it is by? I really liked it.

    3. I think it is something written especially for the movie.

    4. I couldn't even find a soundtrack. Hopefully one will become available soon.

    5. You cannot find it because the movie is still in production, deary :) This is just a teaser trailer released last year. Russian music stars, by the way, always have amazing videos, try to find some from Paulina Gagarina,Vera Berezhneva or Dima Bilan on YouTube, their video production is always superior to the western ones, even if their songs are sometimes boring.

    6. I'll definitely look for them, probably after next week when I have some free time. We've got a wedding tomorrow (thankfully outdoors so we can social distance) then a full week of laying new hardwood throughout the house. I'm already exhausted thinking about it!

    7. What's going on with building a new house? Is that still on? You are preparing this one for selling? You can wear a bedazzled mask at the wedding :)

    8. That is a sore spot with us right now. Because most things are still locked down in Michigan, our builder cannot apply for building or zoning permits until restrictions are lifted. Who knows when that will be. Then, he's got 6 houses in front of ours, which he says usually takes him 6 months for each build. We have been so stressed trying to get things nailed down, I'm starting to wonder if we just shouldn't buy an already made house and just remodel it. But I honestly don't think I have it in me to do another project house. I told Jason I just want to take a year and just recoup and go back into it next spring with a fresh perspective. Maybe we'll have different (and easier) ideas by then.

      How are you doing, dahlink? Have you found any new work yet?

    9. Can't you find another contractor?
      Given that you want to build a house based on an already existing house plan, I don't see why you shouldn't simply buy an already made one and fix it a bit. It is not like you are trying to build something totally unique and different (which I would probably do knowing myself LOL).

      I've got some work so I immediately feel a bit better, at least as long as the work lasts... I'm anxious about the summer as you know I hate it very much so and plus political situation here is desperate, the dictator will steal elections again (everybody else is boycotting) so we all feel hopeless and lost here, everybody who had somewhere abroad to move to has already left. I think about half a million people left the country since he is in power. Just looking at his ugly face makes me sick for days sometimes. Having work is the only thing that keeps my mind away from such depressive situation.

    10. I just don't want to fix houses anymore. I've been doing it for over 20 years and just want someone else to do the work in our forever home. Idk, we'll see next spring how things are looking. This virus can bite my ass for messing up my plans.

      Oh, I am so happy to hear you've found some work! That really must be a relief for you! But, I didn't realize that so many were fleeing Serbia because of your dictator :( I'd probably boycott too if the elections are rigged in his favor. It really sucks that you have to live under such rule. You know, Trump is a big idiot, but I am so glad that he's not like some of the dictators in other countries. As much as we complain about him, I'd rather have him than be stuck under oppressive leadership.

    11. You are not in a rush, so take your time.