Friday, November 12, 2021


You are sure in for a massive treat today with the utterly mind blowing teaser and out of this world gorgeous pictures from upcoming new Russian TV
Aeterna will arrive this January to Kinopoisk
series AETERNA (Этерна) an epic fantasy adventure which will arrive to online cinema of Kinopoisk, Russia's leading movie website, during the January holidays. The project is based on the series of novels from Vera Kamshi Reflections of Aeterna which was first published back in 2004 and has 16 novels and 3 prequels. The cast is led by our favourite Russian blond god Kiril Zaytsev alongside Yuriy Chursin, Andrey Smolyakov, Pavel Kraynov, Denis Nurulin, Fedor Misheyev and Ekaterina Volkova! The plan is for the series to have five ten episode
The series is based on the books by Vera Kamshi
seasons with the second season arriving at the beginning of 2023. It took two years for the producers of the series Evgeny Baranov and Evgeny Rene to
A huge amount of stunning armors has been made for the series
persuade Vera Kamshi to give them permission to adapt her work for the small screens. It then took more than three years to do the adaptation of the
Kiril Zaytsev and Denis Nurulin who plays the lead role
book series into the television series format, to develop main storylines, to create the world and the sets and prepare it all for visualization. The producers
Yuriy Chursin also stars in the epic series
have dedicated special care to the creation of countless costumes, armors, to choreographing fencing scenes and battles - which all needed to look
Dozens and dozens of actors have taken part in the production
plausible. Dozens of actors, professional riders and stuntmen participate in staged battles. Weapons for filming were made by a professional gunman. All
Kiril Zaytsev in the costume
this to bring you beloved literary heroes, large scale battles and dramatic duels, palace and love intrigues, stunning costumes and unique charm of historical saga, to the small screens these holidays!
The planet Cartiana, on which the plot develops, is one of the worlds of the Multiverse, where other worlds are connected in a mystical way. The scientific development of Cartiana correlates with the political and technological development of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, with elements of mysticism and magic. The world of Cartiana has a connection with
Kiril Zaytsev is Lionel Savignac in the epic series
other planets of the Multiverse, including our Earth and is on the verge of the Break of the Ages which happens every 400 years and is dangerous. Busy with
The first season should consist of ten episodes
their wars and intrigues, people have forgotten the covenants left to them by the Gods of the past, and are not able to realize that the catastrophe is very
Aeterna has been envisioned as a five season saga
close. Duke Richard of Oakdell, Lord of the Rocks and son of a dead rebel, enters Laik's squire school. His goal is to return the former glory to his ancient
Evgeniy Nevskiy has directed the first season of the series
family and avenge his father. On the other side of the world, in the sacred city of Agaris, the Lightning Lord Robert Epine helps the king in exile, Aldo Rakan, regain the throne of his ancestors ... See the exciting and visually stunning trailer below and tell us what you think, do you like it?


bread&salt said...

Its trailer looks good (with good quality battle scnes). I think Aeterna can be pretentious.

DEZMOND said...

It certainly does look majestic!

Theresa Mahoney said...

It looks epic, indeed! Hollywood really needs to start taking notes!

DEZMOND said...

It is bizarre how sweet mother Russia is filled with such great epic series and none of the world streamers like Netflix are rushing to buy them for their viewers even though they have in them a finished and packed product. Amazon used to air some of their epic shows before, but not often enough.

Jax said...

I agree with Theresa, epic is a great word for it. I don't have sound, but I want to go to this mystical world. It looks beautiful. :)

DEZMOND said...

They did the sets and the costumes amazingly well! I was mesmerized when I first saw it.