Saturday, November 20, 2021


I thought this one would end up cancelled after she slept with an underaged boy in the first season and used him for sex, but I guess that goes only if men
Second season arrives December 22nd
do that to girls. And she also slept with her friend's boyfriend, but that seems to be OK too. Oh, well. So EMILY IN PARIS is arriving with the second season December 22nd
  In the Season 1 finale, Lily Collins' Emily had an affair with her neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), who just so happens to be the boyfriend of Emily’s first French friend Camille (Camille Razat) whose teen brother she used for sex and her family riches to save her own career. As she figures out how to handle the situation, she throws herself into her work which is getting more complicated by the day. Speaking of complicated, her love life might be headed in a new
All of her friends are back, but there are some new boyfriends
direction after meeting a fellow ex-pat who both infuriates and intrigues her. Fashion is again a centerpiece as fashion designer Pat Fields helps Emily, her
The first season was a massive hit for Netflix
friend Mindy Chen (Ashley Park), her boss Sylvie Grateux (Philippine Leroy Beaulieu), and her colleague Julien (Samuel Arnold) look utterly
It seems that the costumes will be as horrible as they were in season1
fabulous. Or at least that is what the studio wants us to think, I personally think she looked ridiculous with those idiotic fishing hats in the first season.

As Variety reports, Munich based agency Global Screen has sold live action family adventure movie JIM BUTTON AND THE WILD 13 to numerous territories around the world including Russia, France, Middle East,
The film had a prequel in 2018 as well
Spain and is negotiation a North American release. The adaptation of Michael Ende’s best selling novel, which has been translated into 25 languages, is one of the most expensive feature films in the history of German cinema, with a budget of more than $24 million. 
The film tells the story of 12 year old Jim and his best friend, the engine driver Luke. In order to protect their home of Morrowland from the notorious “The Wild 13” pirate gang, the two set off with their steam engines Emma and Molly on a dangerous journey where Jim’s most fervent
The film is based on Michael Ende's book
wish might also come true: he wants finally to find out the truth about his mysterious origins. Check out the cheap looking trailer below:


Malena said...

I thought they were going to cancel it because of all the wrath expressed by the French against the show's distorted, almost xenophobic, depiction of Gallic culture. It's an idiotic show, i saw, fled, wrote about it. Have no time for such silliness again

Angie's Recipes said...

Not exactly my kind of films, but to each their own..even the lousiest film has its audience :-//

DEZMOND said...

I watched it till the end as it was postcorona and there was nothing else to watch LOL but it is a type of show like Hulu's Great: it does not really depict the culture of the country in which the story is set but it depicts American ignorance and lack of any respect towards other, millenia older, cultures and traditions. They are jealous that they don't have history and culture so they prefer to mock others which are superior to them.

DEZMOND said...

Yes, that was very visible this year when people went to watch that crap Dune.

Malena said...

Once upon a time, USA had a rich history and culture, now disowned in favor of Twitter culture. Once upon a time, American artists and writers flocked to Paris to learn, now Emily goes to impose on the French perfume industry the urgency to learn how to use Twitter and Instagram

bread&salt said...

"Emily in Paris" maybe! Its trailer is so so.

Mary Kirkland said...

Not sure I would Like Emily in Paris.

DEZMOND said...

The first season was quite shocking.

DEZMOND said...

She is rather nasty, Lily Collins deserves better.

DEZMOND said...

It is rather offensive indeed. She also convinces an ancient winery to start marketing their champagne as the champagne for spraying guests with at the rich people's parties. Because that seems to be a cool thing.

Malena said...

Yeah, I love champagne. I would never waste it showering humans with that. It's the sort of thing that appeals to teenagers or those that want to feel like teens.

DEZMOND said...

It is just such an American thing to do...offensive and disrespectful.

Jax said...

I was really excited about Emily in Paris, but I never got the chance to watch it. It's disappointing to hear what you wrote above. Maybe I should skip it all together then. Sleeping with someone underage? I have no patience for that!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad I haven't wasted time on Emily in Paris then. This does not sound like a show that I would enjoy. Too bad, because like Jax, I was looking forward to it. I love Paris and the French people as a whole, their culture, food, art, fashion... Sounds like they need to boot her ass out and back to wherever she came from. Probably California or New York would be my guess LOL.

DEZMOND said...

I did not hate it, it was mildly watchable, but just mildly, it was overall stupid and superficial and oftentimes offensive. She often complains how they hate her for being American, but with her behaviour she constantly proves why they hate the American way LOL

DEZMOND said...

I did not like that, even though the boy was gorgeous, it was just tasteless and hypocritical.