Monday, August 31, 2020


The new series starts this Tuesday!
Summer holidays are officially ending today, people, kids will start school tomorrow, adults will return to their workplaces, but if that sounds a bit gloomy to you in our current corona reality, there is something that will put a smile on your faces next week: the start of the new version of legendary ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL series which will hit Channel 5 in UK (and later on on PBS in USA) September 1st with six cheerful episodes and with a Christmas episode in store for the winter.Check out the new trailer below:

All Creatures Great And Small
based on James Herriot’s cherished collection of stories, chronicles the heart warming and humorous adventures of a young country vet. This new
Nicholas Ralph leads the cast as the new vet
adaptation will preserve the rich spirit, tone and values of Herriot’s iconic characters and stories and will bring to life his sharply observed, entertaining
Samuel West plays the owner of the vet clinic in the village
and incredibly funny tales of country life in the North of England for a modern audience, introducing a new generation to his life-affirming stories.

James Herriot
Played by Nicholas Ralph, the character is based on the real-life vet, Alf Wight, whose pen name was James Herriot. He moves from Glasgow to the Yorkshire Dales, desperate to land a job at a veterinary practice. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and he is always keen to help out on any job. However he does have his insecurities and it takes him a while to open up to the skeptical Yorkshire Dales residents.

Siegfried Farnon
Played by Samuel West, he is inspired by the real life veterinary practice owner Donald Sinclair, who took Herriot on as an assistant. He is full of good humour but is equally as infuriating, and is often the main source of conflict. He almost refuses to give Herriot a chance, but quickly opens up to him and the pair work well together.

Mrs Hall
Played by Anna Madeley Mrs Hall is the housekeeper at Skeldale House, where the practice is based, and she is integral to the business. She spends her days making sure the men have all that they need, but she cares for them all like they are part of her own family. She is selfless and will often put their needs before her own, and she is always there as a listening ear.

Helen Alderson
Played by Rachel Shenton, she is a Dales farmer who attracts the attention of Herriot when he first arrives. Like him, she is not afraid to throw herself into the trickiest of situations and she proves to be very independent. She is unlike any other woman he has met as she is used to the harsh realities of farming life. Of course she has her softer side and this shows through her love of animals.

Tristan Farnon
Played by Callum Woodhouse, he is a trainee vet and the younger brother of Siegfried, who considers him a pain. Unlike his brother, he is not easily motivated when it comes to his work and this frustrates Siegfried, who only wants the best for him. He often finds himself in trouble because of his carelessness, but he welcomes Herriot with open arms.


  1. It is even gloomier when kids aren’t returning to school and you can’t work!! (Ok I’m done complaining now lol). This does sound lovely! I especially love the lack of zombies, aliens, and apocalypse. :)

    1. Ours are returning to schools from tomorrow :) Just met some of my old teaching colleagues in the town today and they are not happy, not happy at all.

    2. I wish they would do it by privilege here.. full time school for those who absolutely need it and home school for those who can manage. Unfortunately, they chose a hybrid method. 2 days in class and 3 days from home. Is there no risk to teachers for those 3 days? And now thousands of people will starve and lose their homes to accommodate the hybrid schedule. Day cares are making bank, though! I looked around for my daughter and it would be $600 a week for 3 days of care for her and my son.

    3. I think this is how the whole world is doing it, here it is one week in schools, one week online for older pupils and since they've split all classes into two 15 pupil groups teachers will have double the work in these dangerous times.... and our teachers get nothing from the government - no tablets, no phones, no paid internet, no masks, nothing, doctors at least get equipment :( You should find some nice granny or mommy from the neighbourhood who babysits during the day.

    4. Sadly here, most grannies are working too! My aunt is 79 and is in panic mode because the school she works for isn’t hiring her back right now as a teachers aide. She’s going to lose her home if she doesn’t find a new job soon.

    5. You have 79 year olds still working??? Da hell!!!

  2. Looks good! I'd forgotten about Siegfried's unattached passenger side seat in his car.

  3. Yes! That's nothing. My father says that he will die working. He just inherited all the shoe repair machines from a neighboring shoe repair man. He worked up to 86 years old and the day he died! It's very rare in NY for someone to be able to completely retire. Pensions are almost nonexistent these days. We started saving for retirement at 25 so I hope to get a few work free years before I go. :)

    1. It is very sad, official retirement age here is 67 for men, but they keep pushing it up and up, so men, who die at 72 averagely here, also work till they die. Good thing I don't expect to live long LOL

  4. This will be a delightful watch, indeed! I haven’t watched anything on PBS in quite awhile, so I’ll be sure to mark this down to keep my eyes peeled.

    As for working, my mom could retire now at 63 (end of this month) but she’s going to try to push it to 67 when her benefits will be higher for taking late retirement. I honestly don’t think she’d survive off the retirement funds she’d receive now anyhow, but it s sad that a lady in her 60’s has to struggle with hard factory work just to barely get by these days.

    1. What can I tell you, deary, retired people, workers like your and my mom, get about $200 a month. A month I repeat, not a week! Imagine surviving on $200 a month which is how much the lowest apartment rent costs here. If they are lucky to be married, they use one pension to pay the rent if they don't have a house and the other to buy the basic of food, no social life, no travelling, no nothing, and if they happen to have a house, they spend one whole pension on wood and coal for the winter. The world is moving towards the point where there will be no pensions, just toiling till the sweet grave takes you and gives you some respite.

    2. This keeps up, the world is going to turn really ugly, really quick with a lot of hungry and fed up people! I am so sick of the rich getting richer and the poor just barely scraping by :(

    3. I imagine it will become even worse if Trumpie does not win again over there, he needs to destroy the deepstate.