Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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  1. Sure, lets make another King Arthur. Its not like we've seen him and his knights any time recently. Like in last 5-6 years. Oh, wait...

    Funny how producers/authors try to remind us about 1981 version, but completely forget to mention the one from 5 years ago. I just can't describe how much I like when they assume I'm a total dumbass. Great way to fish for potential viewers, I must say.

    And about Warren Ellis and his work. I'm inclined to mention that he's not famous for his historical work. Not even his stories set in future or some fiction in alternate or foreign/strange settings. Quite the opposite. He's known for his representation of contemporary world and its "problems". And he tries to incorporate those particular themes in anything he writes. And of course, some of people find his writing to be more "realistic", "down to earth", or something like that. While in fact it is just more recognizable to that type of readers.
    I'm not saying he's a bad author. Just that he's not the right type for Excalibur. He can't use his favorite motifs (TV as mass-media, global autocracy/plutocracy...). Only thing left for him then (which he's good at) is pure violence. And I wouldn't want to watch that kind of Excalibur.

  2. It is almost with a sense of dread that I read this article. The films as of late have almost been insulting to your intelligence. I am not saying I will not give this film a chance, but it will be with much trepidation.

  3. I'm not scared as much as you are, since it is connected with the producers of "300".

    They've mentioned John Boorman's EXCALIBUR because it's the same tittle. KING ARTHUR by Antoine Fuqua, wasn't about Excalibur but about some new vision of Arthur, the Roman soldier.

    I must add that the EXCALIBUR from the 80's is one helluva weird movie :)) I liked it, but it has that psychodelic feeling just like DUNE, FLASH GORDON and other movies from the close period. Not to mention that it's full of naked people, which, in that movie, seemed rather suitable :)

    I don't know anything about Mr Ellis, but I'd mentioned in the story that he's not favourite among the comic fans :)

  4. Excalibur from 80's really was a weird movie. Just like Dune and Flash Gordon. But those movies had charm, even if they were not quite "sane".
    I'm afraid this new version will be just a scrabble of pretty (monochromatic) pictures and slow motion. Filled with meaningless violence, trying to look cool.

  5. wonder what people in about 10 or 20 years will think about today's movies :)

  6. They will probably think we were obsessed with dark and black and white movies. :)

    Our grandparents would be ashamed of us. We have technology to tell and see stories the way they were meant to be. To experience picture in full color spectrum, just like in real life. And yet we degrade our experience and our perception by forcing unnatural color and lightning patterns.
    Our grandparents had to watch/read in unnatural monochromatic schemes/systems. We choose so ourselves. They reveled in glory that is true color. We think of it as something boring or unimportant.
    Oh yes, they would be ashamed indeed.

  7. Yes, we really don't have good old movies anymore. I guess that's exactly the reason why we liked Luhrman's AUSTRALIA recently. Visually it almost seemed as Minnelli, George Cukor, Richard Thorpe, Billy Wilder..... have all come back from their graves to do another movie.