Friday, July 10, 2009


As you can see these guys have taken off their clothes so eager and ready to jump into the mossy suit of The Green Lantern. According to Hollywood Reporter, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper are the final three candidates for the role of the famous super hero. After a very long search, it seems that the director Martin Campbell has narrowed his choice down to these three Hollywood studs. Apparently all three of them were under the holding deal with Warner Bros. and it has just expired which means that they can seek other roles. That's why Campbell and his producers have to be quick and chose one of them as soon as possible.
I'm voting for Timberlake or Reynolds as the second choice. But we will see very soon who's the winner and who'll wear the green suit and carry the green lantern.


  1. I just read that Reynolds has been cast in the part and I have to say I am rather disappointed they did not go with Cooper. Timberlake was wrong for the part so I am glad he was not selected. Reynolds has the movie Deadpool in production and he should have just stuck with depicting only one superhero.

  2. As far as I know the DEADPOOL project was not yet officially confirmed, so I guess Ryan didn't want to miss this chance. He deserves it. Although I'm not a fan of comedians, he has that special action charisma which makes him extremely striking on the big screen.
    I still think that Justin would've been a better choice because he would bite into that role like crazy in order to show us that he can do big things in movies and not just in music.

  3. ps I liked Cooper a lot in KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, and I still can't grasp why did they cancel that show???? It was so humorous and refreshing, and it had a great cast.

  4. I'm still not sure Reynold's casting is definite. But if it is true, I feel like he would be wasted on that particular role.
    Hal Jordan (aka Green Lantern), aside from all his virtues, is too serious and kinda humorless. Only other character with less humor (in DC universe) than him is great "dark, silent, and sullen eyed" himself - Batman.
    I'm not saying Reynolds couldn't play such a character. I just think it would be waste to not incorporate some of his comedic talent. There are many other actors who could play Hal Jordan.

  5. That's a nice way to put it - he'll be wasted on the role.
    That's why Ryan Gossling and Jared Leto were also considered for the role, they are more serious and less comedic.

  6. We'll see. Maybe Ryan is not yet definite choice.

    They could always make Hal's character more humorous, but I don't think they do it. Hal Jordan's fans are pretty hardcore. :) At least as hardcore as comic fans could be. :) they wouldn't allow that kind of change.
    Then again, maybe producers don't give a damn about comic book fans.

    Reynolds on the other hand could be perfect for Deadpool.

  7. I think he is since all of the movie portals and blogs have published the news as official. It's like the hottest news this weekend :)

    But I believe in Ryan, even if I've never believed in his wife :)))

  8. and by the way the new news :) is that Cameron Diaz could play the main female role in another super hero flick which shares the same colour - THE GREEN HORNET.

  9. I really should check up on that Green Hornet. I know next to nothing about that story/character.
    I take it Cameron will join Seth Rogen then? It was his project, at least as far I could remember.

  10. Yes Deadpool is a done deal and is supposed to be released in 2011. I was hoping they would make a film solely with that character, we did not see near enough of him in Wolverine.

  11. as far as I got it, HORNET is quite a boring project, not just because of the story but because of Seth Rogen as well. And besides, I don't think I've ever seen any good movie with Diaz (even IN HER SHOES was deadly boring even though I simply adore Toni Collette who starred with her), although she is not yet officially confirmed.

    And what about MAGNETO, won't he clash with DEADPOOL and isn't 2011 already full off super hero flicks? And 2012 as well. Those two years could quite possibly ruin the super hero genre by oversaturating the audience with it.

  12. So far superhero movies have been nothing but success. Even if they don't break box office, or get approved by fans and critics, they still make a lot of money. DVD/rental market, video games and movie related merchandise always bring additional earnings to those movies.

    I don't see producers worrying much about oversaturating audiences. And I dont think it will happen. There was a similar concern with animated movies a few years back. Up until several years ago there were only 2 or 3 animated movies a year. Considering great efforts and expenses invested in a making of animated movie, some were worried that there wouldn't be a market for several and more animated movies a year.
    But as we can see, more than 90% of animated movies are box office successes.

    So far nothing points to that superhero movies would be different.

  13. well, let us hope so.
    But, why do I complain? Although I write about them, I'm really not someone who watches a lot of superhero movies. I still haven't seen IRONMAN nor WOLVERINE. And I've also missed SUPERMAN :))

  14. No problem. :)

    At the rate they're shooting these movies, I'm sure you'll eventually find some superhero/movie that will spark your interest.

    Film studios are planing to smother you with sheer quantity, if nothing else. Until you cave in. :)))

  15. well, they would've attracted me to watch GREEN LANTERN if Justin was the main star, but they'd missed the chance to lure me into the world of superhero addicts :)
    Maybe if Beyonce really becomes Wonder Woman.

  16. Again, no problem. :))
    You know what they say - 284th time's charm... :)

  17. or if somebody gives ME the role of Poison Ivan :)))