Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It seems that beside Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Brian Blessed as Odin and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Keneth Branagh's THOR has got the first lady in the cast: rumors say that Jessica Biel has been offered to portray the main female role, the love interest of the blonde God, Amora the Enchantress.
The best news for me personally is that the costume designer in THOR will be my absolutely favourite Alexandra Byrne who already worked with Branagh in his amazing adaptation of HAMLET for which she did stunning costumes. Byrne's my favourite costume designer ever since she did the work in Shekhar Kapur's ELIZABETH and ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE. For making probably the best costumes in the cinematic history when she dressed Cate Blanchett in ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE where she created the best wardrobe that any movie has ever seen, Alexandra won an Oscar last year. Can't wait to see her work in THOR.


  1. I agree, Alexandra Byrne as costume designer is exciting news. She won an Oscar for her work in Golden Age and was nominated for Elizabeth, Finding Neverland and Hamlet. Very exciting!

  2. yes, everything she did was amazing and she is very playful in her work but also extremely precise. Her historical exploration of Elizabethan age fashion was simply amazing and it showed in the costumes she did at the end for both ELIZABETH and THE GOLDEN AGE. The colours, the fabrics, the patterns, the details ..... amazing.
    And her work in HAMLET is glorious. Her mix of different periods and styles in costume making gave that film that special touch creating a cinematic cult around it.

    Oooh, just imagine how she will play with the wardrobe for genuine gods and super heroes :)) and plus for the super sexy actors :)

  3. Bah, what are u talkin' 'bout? I'm waitin' to see Jesicca, I'm not interested in constumes or some girl who makes them :D :D

  4. I can see why you want to see Jessica, I enjoy her as an actress as well, but without excellent costume work this movie will come off as cheaply done. This is the type of movie that sets, costumes and special effects are very important.

  5. Good news about Thor. That movie deserves top costume designer. I haven't seen any of Alexandra's work, but I'll believe your word for it.
    Now let's hope they (script writers) have a lot of scenes in Thor's native Asgard. Some flashbacks throughout history would also be nice. Otherwise it would be a waste of good designer if all they had were few costumes for main characters plus regular, modern look of people in contemporary New York (or USA in general).

    I have a mixed feelings about Jessica's (possible) involvement in this movie. For years I've been wanting to see her in superhero/action movie(s). And now, when opportunity arises, it fells like a dubious choice. Her role is still not specified (if there is even role for her). Gossips are Amora the Enchantress or Lady Sif.
    If it is Amora (as Dezz thinks), it would be a real waste of Jessica's special "talents". Almost any actress can play that role. All you need to do is be pretty, feminine, and act like a seductress (and preferably be blonde).
    Jessica's true strength lies in her incredible physique. If there is any actress (in her class) who can make us believe she is a warrior woman or action superheroine with her stature only, it's Jessica Biel.
    Lady Sif as other possible role, and since she is before mentioned warrior woman, is a more suitable choice for actress of Jessica's qualities. But Lady Sif is probably not as interesting character as Amora.
    I seriously doubt there would be a place for both characters in this movie. And there is no use for guessing until they reveal some of the story, or specific names of involved female character.

  6. Ah, Perin, rule number one - Dezz is a costume expert and as such has the supreme privilege to comment on such trivial cinematic things whenever he sees fit :))))) Please, humour me in that :)

    Yu, Marko, aman zaman, kako nisi gledao??? Pa ti onda nisi stvarno gledao nijedan od mojih pet omiljenih filmova ELIZABETU, ZLATNO DOBA, PAD Tarsema Singa, MULEN RUZ Baza Lurmana, HAMLETA Keneta Brane ...cccccc..... :)

    I have to admit that neither Jessica Biel nor Natalie Portman, who was also mentioned for one of the roles, amaze me. They are pretty girls, but both are cold and rigid in their acting, there are no layers in their performances, no depth. I would like to see someone expressive in this film. But if I have to chose I'd always pick Jessica instead of Natalie.

    And I'd also prefer Alexander Skarsgaard in the role of THOR, but it seems it was just a rumor. You can see him, by the way, these days doing a brilliant job in PAPARAZZI, the new video of currently biggest world pop sensation Lady Gaga :)