Thursday, July 2, 2009


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  1. Seems they are making several of these types of films that should be visually superior. Hopefully they will put the money into this one necessary to make it as stunning as it should be.

  2. Ever since the amazing success of The Lord of the Rings it seems like every studio/director/producer is preparing a similar project in epic fantasy (sword and sorcery) genre. Hollywood studios are hastily procuring rights to any type of a material that has epic fantasy as its theme. New books, old books, young adult novels, children fairytales, comic books, cartoons or even video games. Anything could turn out to be next Lord of the Rings, or something close to it.
    Or so the producers think...
    Many of these rights will probably expire before they are even seriously considered as possible movie(s) or TV series. Talks are cheap...

    Anyway, for those "lucky" ones that are really in production, it would be best if even one of their "contenders" score bigtime, as some would say. Otherwise, they stand good chances of repeating their predecessors failures. We've seen that almost all of these movies had little to no success in recent years. And with no decent expectancy for success, producers wont approve any of the future projects.

    I can't even remember if any of the movies in this genre had anything but a moderate success. Recent years of course. And not considering Harry Potter, which is an "older" franchise nowadays.

  3. that's because none of the other directors has put genuine vision, love and quality into their films. ERAGON, NARNIA, THE DARK IS RISING, DUNGEON SIEGE... all of them had nice stories, but were bad as the final product. None of them had enough money and enough directorial vision to make it really big like LOTR.
    That's why I hope that Shekhar Kapur will do miracles with LARKLIGHT since it was said that the movie will have $200 million budget.

  4. I must say Golden Compass movie seemed to me like a very good representation of original book. Both visually and concerning adaptation of story and its pacing throughout the movie. There really was no room for some major improvement there. Except maybe in some of the casting, but that minor thing imo.
    But despite my opinion, that movie didn't do any better then the rest of its genre.

    Larklight sounds cool :), if not a little childlike. I could be wrong though, since I haven't read the book itself. I only read about about main story/premise, and it does sound a little juvenile to me.
    Not to mention I'm put of by a constant British need to relive Victorian, Elizabethan, Edwardian and any other unimaginatively named period of their history and/or culture. It's like all they ever think about... They keep inventing new stories with those motives/features and putting them in different time-periods and in every possible setting/genre.
    Loosely based contemporary period, distinctly formed alternate reality, or even alternate future... Nothing is safe or except from overzealous British writers.

    Enough with it already, I say! Those times are over. And despite what you may think, it wasn't a particularly bright and wondrous period in human history. You ruled the World once, but not anymore. Get over it!

  5. GOLDEN COMPASS was visually quite good for me too, but I think the story should've been better adapted to suit the big screens. And some of the casting wasn't satisfactory. Still, the Polar bear is the legend :)

    I guess it's exactly the darkness and boredom that makes the Victorian age so interesting to filmmakers. It's like putting some colour onto black paper or planting flowers in a desert.

    Your last sentence could be applied to Serbia as well with some minor changes in geographical terms :))