Monday, December 6, 2021


Ich will tell you an eine kleine secret, my lieblings spylings, so listen very carefully - I spy with my little eye that the highlight of this year's festive television programmes won't be some cute and cosy little British series or
Sisi will be the highlight of holiday programmes
some of them sweet Hallmark movie lemonades, but a six part German saga SISI. Why, you may ask? Because it will air these holidays in the larger part of Europe. As of December 12th it will stream on RTL PLus in Germany and air on France television, and after the streaming premiere it will also air on regular mothership channel RTL on December 28th, 29th and 30th and also on Austrian national broadcaster ORF. Before that, from December 26th it will start airing on Epic Drama Serbia and in all other Balkan countries that
Dominique Devenport plays Empress Sisi in the series
have that channel on their cable systems. And it might air in some other countries too, like Hungary, Slovakia etc, but I'm not informed currently. So there you go, most of Europe will enjoy young Sisi's road to become one of
Jannik Schumann is Austrian emperor Franz Joseph
Austria's most famous empresses after hunting down one of Europe's most eligible imperial bachelors Franz Joseph. If the show turns out nice and you find yourself wanting for more, don't forget that Netflix will stream their own
The series will air in six episodes or in three two hourlong ones
Sisi series The Empress sometime next spring and that we also have Corsage movie coming up with Vicki Krieps playing the empress in her later years when, superficial and vain, she couldn't really handle the fact she was getting old so she started using all kinds of insane cosmetics treatments while calming her imperial nerves with bad old cocaine. That pretty much turned her into Europe's original rock star after her death and the legend of her beauty and vanity resulted in merchandise about her selling like hot cakes at the end of the 19th century.
tells the love story of two young people between personal desires and political constraints. How do they bring power, feelings and political duties together?
Sisi starts airing December 12th
Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, who is called Sisi (Dominique Devenport), is considered to be the most beautiful woman in Europe. She defies courtly customs and uses her popularity for her ideals. Her partner, Franz Joseph I (Jannik Schuman), feels the weight of the crown and finds an unusual ally in Sisi.The series tells of the dichotomy between personal desires and political pressures, between power and vulnerability of an extraordinary woman. Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria, called Sisi, is a carefree teenager who falls head over heels in love with a man who is powerful, attractive and
The series was shot earlier this year on locations around Europe
desirable - but also has a dark and dangerous side: Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria. Sisi rises to the challenge and develops from a Bavarian girl to a self-confident, adult empress. But on her way, Sisi has to learn to make difficult decisions, to deal with loss and to play an independent role as a modern empress.

The drama series is a modern retelling of the subject of the Empress of Austria-Hungary, which has already been adapted many times. The version is based on historical events and shows Sisi as a complex personality from heryouth. It was shot in various European locations to capture the historical flair. These include the old town of Riga, the Latvian capital, and Lithuania's capital Vilnius, which stand for historical Vienna. In Vilnius, for example, the
Julia Stemberger,Marcus Grusser,Pauline Renevier as Sisi's family
National Philharmonic and Vilnius University acted as filming locations, which can be seen in the series as the Vienna Hofburg. German locations can also be found in the series: scenes were filmed in Würzburg's residence and in Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria. The quarry north of Zill, the
Giovanni Funiati,David Korbmann,Yasmani Stambader also star
Schwarzbachalm and the Höglwörther lake with the monastery on the shore served as the backdrop. The four-month filming time also took the Sisi production team to locations in Austria and Hungary's capital Budapest, where Sisi spent many years of her life at Gödöllő Castle.


Malena said...

You lucky puppy! You'll get to see it before moi! It's unfair. I wonder when we'll get to see it in the States

DEZMOND said...

I don't think I will personally as I've thrown the TV out of the house years ago when our dictator came to power, but I hope it will appear quickly on torrents with subs :)
I cannot imagine which network would buy it for USA, they don't really do German stuff LOL Maybe if Amazon buys it at some point.

Mary Kirkland said...

It's not really something that I would watch.

DEZMOND said...

No worries, Sisi probably wouldn't watch us either LOL

Malena said...

Not really, they do german stuff. I’ve told u Hulu has the rights to Das Boot, MHz has plenty of German series (They showed The Turncoat); Netflix has Babylon berlin, Charite, Dark, Perfume and their own co-productions like Oktoberfest and Barbarians, and that Austrian aberration Freud. Tubi has some German stuff too like Generation Kill. And PBS Masterpiece has that wonderful thing called Walter Presents that carries a lot of German material, specially the latest period pieces

Jax said...

Did they have plastic surgery back then because it looks like Desiree Nosbusch is full of it!?

DEZMOND said...

German people always look botoxed to me LOL

DEZMOND said...

Then maybe some of them buys it, but not Netflix as they have their own Sisi.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Bwhahaha at Jax comment! I had to go back and give her a second look and she's right. Very plastic and stiff looking!

DEZMOND said...

That is how German matrons usually look like :) That is aristocracy for you :)