Monday, November 16, 2020


Thanks to corona, we had no comedies this season on the small screens, the first one to appear two weeks ago, B-Positive, hasn't been overly
Call me Kat will air over at Fox
successful (even I as a renowned fan of sitcoms couldn't stand the atrociously bad femalelead in it), but we have two popular sitcoms returning tomorrow and then Call Me Kat and Last Man Standing finale season coming two days after New Year's Eve!

Is probably the most anticipated multicamera sitcom this season, the expectations are high as it is based on popular British comedy Miranda and it has a number of comedy legends in the cast from Mayim Bialik in the lead to Swoosie Kurtz and everybody's favourite Leslie Jordan. There will also besome eyecandy in it too as
Leslie Jordan is returning to sitcoms after Cool Kids
beautiful Vanessa Lachey and sinfully handsome Cheyenne Jackson will also star. And as you can see from the photos, the series will stay true to its title and will have a cat as a part of the cast as well! The series will start on Sunday January 3rd and will then move to its weekly spot on Thursday nights
Good news is that Mayim Bialik's Kat will have a pet cat!
which will become the strongest comedy night as Katwill be paired up on Fox with Tim Allen's Last Man Standing. Should be a ratings heaven for Fox. In the comedy, Bialik plays a 39-year-old woman called Kat who struggles every day against society and her mother to prove that you can not have everything
Mayim Bialik returns to sitcoms after Big Bang Theory
you want yet still be happy. So she spends the money her parents set aside for her wedding to open a cat café in Louisville, Kentucky. With Swoosie as Kat's mother, Kat's coworkers at the café include Phil, played by Leslie Jordan,
Vanessa Lachey returns to sitcoms after Truth Be Told
who recently broke up with his longtimepartner, and Randi (Kyla Pratt), a confident millennial and self-proclaimed non-cat person. Cheyenne Jackson plays Max, Kat's former crush and good friend who returns to town
The series will air on Thursday nights after the Sunday premiere
and accepts a bartending job at a piano bar. Vanessa Lachey will be Tara, Kat's BFF since kindergarten. Married with 3 children, Tara has a very different life than Kat’s but their shared history has created a bond that can’t be broken. 

Finally getting a good Thursday evening sidekick at Fox in Call Me Kat is America's best watched sitcom LAST MAN STANDING which will also roll its final, ninth season on January 3rd! After breaking tons of records in first seven years, the sitcom had a massive drop in ratings last year with the arrival
Tim Allen and Nancy Travis are retiring in Last Man Standing
of television's most annoying character Jen and a change in scripts which made the show less funny to the point of it being even unwatchable. Hopefully, the final season will bring the sitcom to its old glory. Tim Allen's sitcom will have 194 episodes in total and will have a time jump at the beginning of the final season, as we will meet the characters a few months after the events in
The final season will have a lower number of episodes due to corona
the catastrophic season 8. When we see the Baxters again, Kristin (Amanda Fuller) will have welcomed the baby, Mandy (Molly McCook) will be further along in her pregnancy, and Mike and Vanessa will be contemplating next steps. For Mike, that means retirement and choosing a successor.
But if you cannot wait till January for your weekly comedy fix, the good news is that CBS's most watched sitcoms BOB HEARTS ABISHOLA, with the second season, and NEIGHBOURHOOD, with the third season, are returning as of tomorrow evening!  The second season of Bob Hearts Abishola
Bob Hearts Abishola comes from comedy legend Chuck Lorre
will start with Bob (Billy Gardel) enlisting Uncle Tunde's help to buy an engagement ring for Abishola! However, his plans are upended because Abishola does not believe in a traditional marriage. Meanwhile, in the third season of NEIGHBORHOUD, the Johnson and Butler families had already
The Neighborhood returns with its third season tomorrow
overcome the awkwardness that arose at the time of the first meeting, they found a lot in common, but prejudice and pride sometimes still prevail over common sense. Max Greenfield and Beth Behrs return as the lovely and kind Johnsons, with Cedric the Entertainer as their racist neighbour Calvin Butler.


  1. This Winter, I plan on watching Last Man Standing from the beginning. I've always been a fan of Tim Allen and you always speak so highly of the show. Besides, we could all use a good laugh right now.

    1. First seven seasons were amazing, the eighth was atrocious. Hope the final season will return to old quality, but given that they haven't kicked Jen out, I don't think it will.

  2. Jason has been rewatching Last Man Standing over again. I'm sad it's coming to an end, but after last season, maybe it's a good thing. I wish they would have booted the Jen character. She is too annoying, almost unbearable to watch. I hope Eve makes a final appearance. It would be crappy of the actress not to come on for the finale.

    The other sitcoms look promising as well, though I am not an overly huge fan of Mayim, I still think her show looks cute.

    1. The fact they did not boot Jen shows how much they don't care about the fans, the fans who actually saved this show from certain death two years ago and this is how they repay them, with horrid character, horrid actress and bad scripts. Watching the eighth season I just couldn't believe how mighty have fallen so low, instead of bringing me excitement every week, the last season made me not wanna watch it anymore.
      I'm not a fan of Bialik either, especially not her political opinions, but I adore Leslie and Vanessa and they hava a cat in there too :) I think I will love it in cold January nights. I will start Neighbourhood third season this week, because I'm ditching B/Positive, but if it is too racist I might say goodbye to that one as well even though I really love everyone in it, except Cedric whose character is vile and disgusting.

  3. I still need to watch Neighborhood, but if it's racist, I'm not going to waste my time on it. I cannot stand those kinds of shows. It's why I could never bring myself to watch Empire. Then after the Jessee Smollet (sp?) BS, I decided there was no way I'd ever support a show with that kind of person in the cast.

    1. In the first two seasons it was mildly racist, but it never crossed the line, but I hear that the first episode of the third season on Monday was shockingly racist and filled with hatred towards cops who are portrayed as all evil. There is a scene in which white moma says to her white child that he should not be afraid of the cops because he is white and at the same time black moma teachers her sons to live afraid of them. BLM propaganda at its best. I will skip the first episode, and will probably start from the second one. Cedric's character, who is a vile racist, constantly makes white people in the show feel embarrassed and guilty for something. As if they have to feel humiliated for being born white, even though the Johnsons are amazing people. Empire wasn't racist while it lasted, it was only at the end when he did that shit, before that it was just music, glamour and occasional gang wars LOL

  4. Oh boy, I cannot support a show that spews that kind of hatred. My cousin is a police officer and is the kindest person I know. He wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone a POC (especially because we have many black family members!) yet he gets lumped into that All Cops Are Bad shit that the left screams about daily. My best friend's brother, who is half Greek half Puerto Rican, is a police officer in Chicago. He's in the minority class, but apparently his life doesn't matter because he chooses to uphold the law. It's downright ridiculous what this country has become. More and more each day Jason and I talk of purchasing property in Ireland and getting the hell out of here.

    1. Their page on Facebook is swamped with comments from unsatisfied and angry fans, I've unfollowed it this week and will probably stop watching the show. I will give B/positive one more chance instead and if that does not improve I will just watch Emily in Paris with Bob Heart Abishola until January when these above sitcoms start.
      Ooooh, I will be the happiest if you move to Ireland, deary, please do :) How did the test go?