Saturday, October 8, 2022


With Beta announcing that they are bringing the second season of their ultra successful historical saga SISI this month to MipCom in Cannes, I thought I could update you with some new set photos before we get the first trailer and official photos. The series which aired on German RTL, Epic Drama
Sisi will have a Hungarian coronation in season two
Channels, many national broadcasters around the world and on Disney in USA, should return probably this Christmas taking us back to the imperial court in Vienna with Dominique Devenport as Empress Elisabeth and Jannik Schumann as emperor Franz Joseph. 
of Sisi and Franz should perfect the marital bliss, but instead the young heir to the throne is a cause for serious power struggles in Europe. This also begins a phase of private challenges for Sisi and Franz. Otto von Bismarck threatens war, Sisi uses her diplomatic instincts, but she cannot find happiness in their
Sisi will also have some carefree moments out in the nature
relationship. She feels like a bird in a golden cage. Then she has to travel to Hungary for political reasons and there she encounters Count Gyula Andrássy (Giovanni Funiati), who fascinates her immensely. Standing between the rebel leader and her husband Franz, she has to make a decision.

will also include Murathan Muslu as the Hungarian rebel leader Ödön Körtek, Romy Schroeder as Marie, the daughter of Sisi's maid Fanny, who was hanged for treason in Season one, Amanda Da Gloria as Countess
Franz Joseph will have a change of image?
Emanuelle Andrássy, Count Andrássy's sister, and Bernd Hölscher as Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor from 1871! As you can see in one of the group set photos, Sisi will also have a lavish coronation in Hungary and Franz will now
Sisi with her faithful lady in waiting and assistant
maybe sport a longer hairdo to the delight of ladies. Rival series The Empress, which arrived to Netflix just last week, had close to 50 million viewing hours in first seven days, so we can probably expect a second season of that one as well sometime next year.


  1. It is much better than The Empress but I didn't really liked it.

    1. I was aware of its flaws but I loved it in general, thought it was much better than any American production. It had such love radiating from sets, costumes, direction, art production and especially cinematography which was outstanding and so inspired. It was visually very polished and monumental.

    2. To say it was better than American productions is an understatement and a very small praise. Of course, Sisi had better cast and beat the hell out of The Empress in terms of wardrobe but compared to the RAI version of Sisi and the Russian Catherine the Great series, it was a bit drab. Going back to The Empress, the sad part is that it was not an American production, not even a British one.

    3. But it was Netflix which really says it all LOL Sisi, on the other hand, was Beta and RTL production and they have their standards. Plus they were striving to make a good product that they can then sell to the world, while Empress was a bit self satisfied in the knowledge that they are going straight to Netflix so they put less effort in their work. We shall see how will Canal Plus do with Marie Antoinette and French TV with The King's Favourite. RTL Plus and Beta have also sold The House of Dreams to many broadcasters around Europe last week.
      I need to investigate what are brother Russians doing these days, but I haven't noticed any bigger work there lately. They only have Heart of Parma scheduled for release, but that is a film no longer a show.

    4. This week I had the dubioushonor of meeting a (very) small Netflix shareholder. He insisted there is no Soros-influenced editorial line, woke agenda, ect. But the truth is that the platform lacks standards, and the vast majority of its products shows the same flaws. Even when they buy something, like Blond, it falls into the same category.
      In 2018 when I became a subscriber it was much more diverse. It bought excellent stuff like Babylon Berlin, now I’m afraid Netflix won’t be buying the fourth season.
      I’m not looking forward to Marie Antoinette. The Queen Formula has grown stale because it’s against queens (unless they show them as victims like Sisi or Princess Di) and monarchy. it’s why I enjoyed Isabel, Victoria, The White Queen, and Ekaterina, because they respected the protagonists and didn’t insert messages in the script.
      I’m afraid Matushka Russia won’t be making epic series while the country is at war. So far nobody is offering 2021-2022 series like The Cathedral, Janissary and Yelizaveta. Only Voskresenskyi was shows in Epic Media
      I reached a point where I see 2023 as a year of second seasons (or third or fourth) of watchable shows, but nothing new and good coming up in terms of epics, historical fiction or period pieces.
      What’s House of Parma?

    5. Well if he is a very small shareholder, how would he even know what goes at the very top? And agenda is forced by those who finance productions, so even if as a network or streamer you are not pro agenda you have to be pro agenda if you want to get monies. At least that is how it works in UK.

      Oh, I think Victoria had more messages of woke nature than any other historical show, all the feminism, females as constant victims etc. All men as nasty beings who want to use them etc. And then falsifying the real picture of her by making her nice, tender and good even though she was a nasty, vile biyatch in reality.

      Russians don't necessarily shoot things for sale, for them and most us European countries, shooting historical shows is part of a culture and respect towards your own history, so the state usually finances through national broadcasters. Russia might start shooting them exactly for the reason to boost the national spirit, but I am afraid they have been hit by the crises just like all of us.

      Heart of Parma aka Land of Legends, you have posts here on it, use the search button on the right.

    6. Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say Victoria was not woke, but compared to other series, the wokeism was milder. There were not Black actors playing White characters, the gay story, albeit invented, was very beautifully handled. All the series I mentioned had a feminist angle which is not bad unless it falls into Me Too garbage.
      I was talking about the positive vision of an empowered monarch and a positive image of monarchy which is not what we see in the Sissis, The Crown or The Serpent Queen. The whitewashing of Victoria (compared only to what the Russians have done with Ivan the Terrible ad Godunov) is proof of that. Victoria is never a victim of protocol or repressive rules. IN fact, she circumnavigates them (like she did in the real-life anecdote regarding her ladies-in-waiting). When she’s caught in quandaries it is because (something that people still cannot understand) that since the XVII century, British monarchs lack political voice. And despite the whitewashing, Daisy Goodwin didn’t have Vicky going among the Hoi Polloi giving her shoes to beggars like The Empress (in fact the real Sisi rejected the casting away of her shoes and kept them against the protocol rules)
      I felt bad for my shareholder acquaintance. Apparently, he had been swindled into buying. He had no knowledge of who owns Netflix. In fact, it’s The Vanguard a bogus group made up, not by companies, but by shareholders who may or not be fronts for better known billionaires. He said that Netflix will survive its current crisis once it starts showing videogames. What sort of hope is that? How could a streaming service support itself on a diet of videogames?
      Oh, I know Land of Legends. I didn’t know it was also called House of Parma.
      You know my opinion on Russian series. I’m looking forward to seeing more, so that their excellence be copied by other countries.

    7. Not the House of Parma, Geezuz LOL Heart of Parma, it was based on their very popular novel, my house published it here as well.

    8. Oops! My bad! Pray I get my new glasses tomorrow. I read you in my cellphone and can't magnify the text so I do a lot of guessing while reading. No wonder I couldn't find anything on it. I thought first it was a new adaptation of The Charterhouse of Parma and then that it was related to The Farnese Family. I knew about Land of Legends from readfing about it here

    9. I had a lot of posts on it under Heart of Parma too years ago, you forgot as I stuff this page with so many new programmes constantly. Later on they renamed it Land of Legends. You probably had in mind HOUSE OF DREAMS that German series which has HOUSE in the title.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the first season. I am terribly behind on everything these days and don't see it slowing down any time soon, so I haven't given this one much thought. We just got back from Florida today. Took a mini vacation and went to the haunted houses at Universal Studios. Spent a day on the ocean, then as luck would have it, my bestie Erin was visiting her mom the same time we were there. Erin was the one that moved to Georgia in June and I haven't seen her since. We were able to meet up for dinner. I figured I was due a well deserved mini vacation after the year of non-stop working I've done.

    1. Glad to hear you had a nice little vacay! Hooray for the vacay! Now off you go making stuff for the holidays.

    2. Unfortunately, yes. Just call me busy bee until the holidays have passed.

    3. Fingers crossed. If you don't hear from me in November, send help LOL!