Thursday, June 25, 2009


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  1. Don't know this girl. And I can't recall her part in Nanny. Can't remember any of the kids in that show. But then again, I'm not known for my excellent memory. :)

  2. She played the youngest kid, little, seven or eight year old Gracie, the daughter of millionaire Broadway producer Max Shefield, known for her favourite hobby - visiting shrinks and therapists :) But when Nanny Fine came to their house she became a happy little kid with a lot of brains and humour.

  3. Still can't remember...
    And I'm sure I've seen at least 15-20 episodes (if not more).
    if I would have to guess, I'd say there were three kids. Oldest daughter around 16 (at the beginning of series), son 12-14, and that little girl.
    But, that's just guessing. I can't really remember. :(

  4. You're just pulling my leg :)
    Beside FRIENDS, SEINFELD and CHEERS it's the most famous sitcom in the television history, and it was extremely popular in our country as well (at least in Vojvodina) so those characters are more than well-known :)
    But after the show she pretty much disappeared until she came back as the sexy girl in CALIFORNICATION, and now she'll play in HEROES as well.

  5. No, I really can't remember. :(
    Trouble is, I have a tendency to forget stuff from shows/movies that are even more important and/or dear to me than Nanny.

  6. You should than plant a ginko tree at your balcony and make tea from its leaves :)

  7. I prefer to act as if the problem (with memory) doesn't exist. Taking steps against it would only serve to acknowledge its existence. :)))

    But seriously, I don't think there is much of a problem. I suspect that my subconsciousness (or something like it) decides what information is important to keep it "fresh" in my mind. So even though it surprises me sometimes when I discover things that I've forgotten, it really doesn't concern me that much.
    Over the years I've even gained some control over it. :)) I became adapt at recognising what information will be forgotten soon. It's like: "Yeah, now I know that. But I'm almost certain I'll forget that in a day/month/year. (Since I don't deem that information necessary to remember.)"
    Almost like that anecdote about Holmes, Watson, and revolving of Sun and Earth. :))

  8. Yes, acting as if the memory problem doesn't exist will help you forget about it hi hi hi ... :)
    You probably have an inner mechanism for keeping your memory drive from overloading :)))