Sunday, June 21, 2009


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  1. I've just read about this yesterday.
    Damn. And I thought they did a CGI from Arnold's younger days for Terminator Salvation. The resemblance is really uncanny.

    Kickinger could prove to be a good choice. Or bad... It really doesn't hold much merit to me. Movie will probably fail on so many different levels. I mean, just from this cast you could see producers don't have any kind of vision. It looks like the most important thing was to pick an actor who resembles Arnold. Most likely in a lame attempt to leech of a previous Conan films, and add in marketing value and property recognition, while keeping the budget and their efforts in promoting on minimum.

    Marcus Nispel was a "must avoid" for me after Pathfinder. But now I see he directed Friday 13th just recently. That movie has surprising amount of daylight scenes, and very realistic colouring and lighting. Especially for a classic horror flick. In other words, everything I hated about "the look" of Pathfinder - gone. Maybe that wasn't directors fault in Pathfinder.

    Nice poster Dezz. Although, an odd choice of an artist. Using contemporary artist like Frank Cho (if I'm not mistaken), instead of some of many famous Conan artists. Of course, that probably doesn't mean much to you :)). I'm just surprised you "stumbled" upon his work when other artists are much more common.

  2. Ah, well thank you :)) I always stumble upon the most beautiful pic for my stories, the artist don't matter much to me, they're nothing but vessels in the art universe :)) I've chosen this one because it shows just the right amount of skin and flesh :)

    I liked everything about PATHFINDER, especially the look.
    Nispel was firstly the director of music videos, and his most famous work is probably Janet Jackson's RUNAWAY, the one when she jumps all around the world wearing ethnic costumes ...

    Yep, Conan might just not happen similar to Red Sonia, but who really expects a non-trash movie from such a topic?

  3. Well, you never know...
    Conan (first movie) was, and still is a rather respected piece in its genre. Adult orientated sword and sorcery fantasy, based on a popular character. Even with a young Arnold as a lead, that movie still had some fine points, like inclusion of well respected James Earl Jones, and of course the famous soundtrack.

    Granted, Conan 2 and Red Sonja were not on the same level. Mostly because they were done as a PG13, which immediately took away some of the raw quality those films could've possessed.

    New Conan will probably be more adult orientated like the original movie. Still, I think it's going to fail. Not because of director, script, main cast or even finances, but because of producers. I just don't see them making right decisions about this project.

  4. yes, I agree, it's probably not going to be a huge project, and I think that remakes can't satisfy the audience anymore.

  5. Maybe if someone offered some big-time producers an idea for a prequel?
    As we can see, prequels or "re-imaginings" are very hot these last few years.
    Maybe then Conan would've warranted a bigger production?

  6. yes, a teenage Conan :))))) with one of the Jonas brothers playing the lead and Miley Cirus as Red-cheerleading-Sonia in High School :))))and Arnold Schwarzeneger as the School's janitor.