Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Although Blogger was giving us troubles with polls last week, the voting on THE HOTTEST SUMMER 2011 ACTRESS is over and the proud winner is Mila Kunis with 29% of your votes, leaving Olivia Wilde (20%) and Rachel Nichols (28%), who had just one vote less than Mila, behind her.
It is interesting that gorgeous Mila Kunis didn't exactly attract a huge attention of audience with her role in the famous THAT 70'S SHOW sitcom, but people did notice her outstanding beauty, hotness and a very likable and adorable witty personality later on, and now she really is the hottest lady in Hollywood in both meanings of that word. After being the only one who can act in BLACK SWAN, she used her moment under the spotlights and now she is one of the most wanted girls in the world of film. This summer we shall watch extremely adorable chemistry between her and Justin Timberlake in FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS and then in
2013 in OZ THE GREAT AND THE POWERFUL she will play witch Theodora. As you know, she is of Slav origin, and her real name is Milena, not Mila, she has eyes of different colour and she is also blind in one eye.
Gorgeous and sexy Rachel Nichols has first created a total avalanche of hotness as Scarlett in G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA, after which she became a regular guest in male magazines with her
outrageously sexy photo shoots. We also watched her in a short role in STAR TREK Beside staring in CRIMINAL MINDS TV show, this summer we shall watch her as gorgeous priestess Tamara in CONAN THE BARBARIAN. And believe it or not, even though she is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood she is also a genius who graduated with a double major in math and economics at Columbia!!!
Sexy Olivia Wilde has first seduced the male audience with her role in HOUSE TV show, which pretty much catapulted her into becoming the busiest Hollywood actress so in the future we shall watch her as a brave girl from the west in COWBOYS AND ALIENS,
in THE CHANGE UP beside Ryan Reynolds, in sf film IN TIME as Justin Timberlake's mother (yep), with Eric Bana in BLACKBIRD, in WELCOME TO PEOPLE with Chris Pine, in THE WORD with Bradley Cooper and in  few other movies as well.
Now, since we have proclaimed both the hottest actress of summer 2011 and the hottest actor (Chris Hems worth), we shall move onto our next poll - THE BEST EPIC SHOW. We've seen the revival of historical, epic and fantasy shows in last few years, so in the next two weeks you can vote for one of the following: HBO's GAME OF THRONES, HBO's ROME, Showtime's THE TUDORS, BBC's MERLIN, Showtime's THE BORGIAS, Starz's SPARTACUS and LEGEND OF THE SEEKER! Vote on!


  1. Game of Thrones and Rome get my vote! (But I love Borgias and Spartacus too.)

  2. @INews
    that was the idea :) glad it worked :)

    it will be a difficult choice, I loved all of them a lot!

  3. Yay Mila!! I adore her. Oh my gosh I did not know she was blind in one eye.

    Had to give my vote to Merlin as it's the only show I have seen all the episodes of and I absolutely love it. I would be in a huge dilemma if I had seen more than just a couple of episodes of the other wonderful shows.

  4. Finally, one of the things I voted one wins. I love Mila Kunis and I think she is having a stellar year.

  5. @Melsy
    she was blind during her childhood, I think it's a bit better now, but she still doesn't have the same eyesight in both eyes.
    I think you would love SEEKER and THE TUDORS and SPARTACUS too, Melsy. Those are amazing shows! I'
    ll remember them forever.

    I think her stellar years are yet to come with all of the projects she is currently working on.

  6. I'm looking forward to Cowboys & Aliens!

  7. Mila and Olivia will be busy. My eyes would like to thank the casting directors for their excellent choices, and you, DEZ, for your excellent choice in visuals.

  8. Don't know why Mila didn't run away with that poll. She manages to look sultry and innocent at the same time, not as easy look. or her it is natural.

  9. Are you trying to make my head explode? I'm supposed to choose between Spartacus, Game of Thrones, and The Tudors? Aaaaaaagh. Not fair.

    And, uh, Mila Kunis is so hot even I voted for her.

  10. Tough choice between GoT (A Song of Ice and Fire) and Rome, but I'll go with the one I've invested far more time and money in.

  11. I think everybody in Black Swan did a great job, but to each there own.

    And i'm going to have to vote for Spartacus, as i haven't seen the other ones. I did watch a bit of The Seeker, but i still haven't finished it

  12. All of those girls are hot. Great poll, now on to the next.

  13. Go Mila! She's sexy and fierce, which is quite the powerful tandem.

  14. @Debra
    the premiere is just around the corner :) You will not wait for long

    well, thanks, I do try a lot in choosing the hottest hotness for my boys and girls :) If I made someone's day a bit more exciting :) my goal is fulfilled :)

    I must admit I totally didn't get what you just said, Mary :)

  15. @Luanne
    you mean you haven't watched MERLIN?And SEEKER? You would like those two, they are delightful and terribly charming!

    I'm guessing that would be ROME, magnificent and legendary!

    SEEKER's second season was much much much more better than the first one, so you should finish watching it. I was shocked it got canceled since the second season was so much better in every respect.

  16. @Clarissa
    yes, they are extremely hot :) Hope you will like the new poll too!

    yes, she is a very special girl indeed!

  17. YAY!!!! for mila!!!
    i had no idea about her vision troubles.

    hmmm.... i wonder who will win this next one?

  18. Yay for Mila!
    Again, Dez, with the list for the next one, you've made it damn hard to choose!

  19. @Vics
    she sees better now, but back in her childhood I think she was totally blind in one eye

    that was my goal as always

    don't know what you really mean, Lurk :) But I do agree that people are weird :)

  20. Sorry, Dez, but it was Game of Thrones. I started reading the series back when I was in college.

    Rome, I've only seen a couple of episodes of, so it lost out to the series that I'm pretty much completely familiar with, start to (most recent) finish.

    Glad to see Legend of the Seeker is getting no votes, though.