Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ooooh, here's something uber-hot! Turkish and American producers are preparing a historical thriller GUARDIAN OF THE HAREM which will bring us an exotic tale, set in Istanbul during the 17th century of the Ottoman Empire, where the Emperor Sultan Ibrahim, his mother Anastasia and Suleiman, the eunuch of the Harem, find themselves entangled in a series of conspiracies that lead them to their final deaths. Monica Bellucci will be Turhan Sultan, Natassia Malthe (DOA, ELECTRA) will play Josephine (instead of Peta Wilson), Jordi Molla (ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE) will be emperor Ibrahim, while legendary Claudia Cardinale should play sultan's mother. The film is expected to premiere in Venice this September but nothing is still official since the shooting hasn't started yet.
SHORT HEADLINES *The director of lovely and heartwarming  films such as LETTERS TO JULIET and CHARLOTTE'S WEB Gary Winick died from brain cancer this weekend :((( He directed LETTERS TO JULIET with Amanda Seyfried after one of the several surgeries. *According to latest rumors beside Viggo Mortensen as Zod, Daniel Day Lewis is also wanted in SUPERMAN for an unspecified role. *According to "FirstShowing" Len Wiseman's re-imagining of Philip K. Dick's sci-fi  story TOTAL RECALL, starring Colin Farrell as Doug Quaid, has been officially scheduled for summer 2012. Colin will play the famous Arnold Schwarzeneger's role. Colin also has another remake to do - THE FRIGHT NIGHT with Toni Collette.
Check out two new character posters from X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, the prequel to the famous saga which will show us the origins of some of our favourite mutants. The posters show James McAvoy as professor Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. Click on the posters to see them in bigger size otherwise you might miss their reflections in the ponds in front of them.

And you may congratulate both your HOLLYWOOD SPY and yourselves since according to the Flag Counter (bottom left corner) your dear HOLLYWOOD SPY has now had over 350,000 visitors! And for some reason we had 2,000 readers  on Saturday and 2,000 on Sunday!  I guess you all spent weekends at home :) We've also had visitors from 198 countries (newly established Eritrea being the latest one). HOLLYWOOD SPY loves you and there's nothing you can do about it! :) And to celebrate this occasion with us, Lady Gaga has released her new video today (see the left sidebar) :)))


  1. Congrats to the success. It was Oscar night, so people probably googled a lot about Hollywood.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  2. Congratulations, Dezzy!!Keep up the good work!

    If you post it, they will come...

  3. @Nahno
    I wouldn't say it was that, since we had 2,000 on Saturday too, and last week was also around 1,500 to 1,900 every day.

    thanks :))

  4. Congrats on your traffic milestone....
    And Monica Belucci looks like she's about to explode out of that dress.

  5. thanks, and she might explode :) But don' tell me you don't like the pic :)

  6. Viggo as Zod, huh? Well, of course he'd be wonderful! And Maria's waist? How is that humanly possible, seriously. Although - the movie sounds fascinating. RIP, Gary. :( And, ugh! I still HATE Colin for Fright Night. Chris Sarandon had this sexy-vampire vibe that, imho, Colin can't even touch. NOT a fan of that one....

  7. I meant Monica's waist...oops!

  8. Congratulations, Dezz! See, everybody loves you as well.
    And those are some cool posters.

  9. I can't say this enough: DEEZY YOU ARE ONE HANDSOME MOFO!!!!!!!!!!!! *passes out*

  10. ohmygoodness!!!! those posters totally rocked my socks! the reflections make them!!!!
    and eeks! i can understand the pained look on monica's face!!! that corset is WAY too tight!!!!
    CONGRATS!!!! on all the views! you are rockin that counter!

  11. Congrats on the milestone! That's some Big Time Blogging!

    Monica is normally extremely photogenic, but her waist does look horrifyingly tiny! She is a stunning beauty, but I like more voluptuous pics of her.

    On the other hand, the First Class photos are great!

  12. Hello Dezz! Congrats! WHOOOT! Poor Monica! I saw a film on that empire on National Geographic. Such tragic times. And so many killings for the 'crown'. *Shudder*

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  13. Wow! Congrats on the megavisitors! And great picture of you, Dezz!
    Now are Monica's boobs considered awkward like Jennifer Hudson's Oscar night?

  14. hello, dahling. Lovely to see your face, and I wonder if my Turkish-loving friend Carolyn has found you yet. She'd seriously dig that movie--almost as much as I dig those posters. Nice.

    all those visits = Oscar weekend, baby! :D

  15. Congratulations on all of the visitors--those are impressive stats.
    And speaking of impressive stats, Monica Belucci has them, but that's kind of an odd photo don't you think?

    Tossing It Out

  16. I just stopped by to show some support, but man, that's awesome that you have so much traffic!

  17. I cant help but think Daniel Day Lewis would make a brilliant General Zod, and wouldn't be surprised if that came about. The Total Recall reboot is a weird one for me, one of them movies you do not expect to see get remade, though is there a movie that doesn't get a remake lately? I will watch it of course because Colin's in it lol

  18. Congrats Dez! What mind blogging fun, I meant boggling! This is amazing, so excited for you~
    Great pic, by the way!

    Total Recall, whoah, not a huge remake fan, but with CGI, it might be a fun trip backwards, I mean forward ;-D

  19. Congratulations on the milestone, that is incredibly awesome. I love my fave Hollywood Spy right back. :)

    Guardian of the Harem sounds right up my alley and Monica looks fantastic in that corset. I would love to see DDL in Superman. I have loved him since Last of the Mohicans.

  20. @Donea
    ah, that's what a tight corset does to a woman's body :))

    thanks, and the posters are quite cool!

    he he ... ah,you :) I shall send Idriz Elba to help you regain consciousness :)

    thanks, Vics ;) And I actually think Monica enjoyed wearing it, she is quite weird when it comes to sexy things as we've seen in her films.

  21. @Matty
    ah, I needed a bluish pic of her to match the XMEN posters and this one was the best one available, but we are having a new poll tonight, and I think you will like one of the pics in it a lot :))

    my country has spent 500 years enslaved by Turkish empire, so I know how many victims and death they left behind them ... History can be really horrible.

    thanks :) No, Monica's boobs are not awkward since they are naturally big and nice, while Jennifer's had unnatural look and she tried to oversize them in an awkward manner :)

    thanks, glad you like seeing my face :) Glad I didn't scare anyone :)

    ah, I thought my boys would like the look of Monica on that pic, guess I was wrong :) So I shall redeem myself by posting a really hot one tonight in the poll section :)

  22. @Zakk
    thanks, buddy! :)

    ah, look who's back, what did you bring me from Miami? Nothing? Oh, bummer :( Not even a pic from the beach? Ah, you never think of me :)
    Yes, all the remakes could be called weird and unnecessary.

    glad you like the pic, Ella :))

    thanks :) and I'm sure we shall enjoy the harem film with all the exotic settings and costumes :)

  23. You mean 351,000 counting this visit lol Since I can access you from mobile, it's much easier for me to leave you a comment.
    Congratulations Dezz and keep counting!! xx

  24. thanks, Summer, the number is already at about 353,000 visits now :) I'm kinda scared that we might have half a million before the year is over :) It makes me a bit dizzy.

  25. Looks like I'm not the only one who clicked through to comment on Monica's waist!!! I suppose I'm just not used to seeing real corsets... I just hope she didn't have it on too long, the damage they can do is a bit disturbing. I wonder how she was able to breathe! But it is a lovely photo regardless.

    Can't wait for X-Men: First Class!

  26. So sad to hear about the Letters to Juliet director. He'll be missed.

    Awesome news, Dezmond, with regards to countries and hits. Not even a little surprised. Your blog is ALWAYS fun to visit. Congrats to you!!!

  27. Dezz, congrats on the site-counter love!! People seem to love you almost as much as you love us!

    I like the idea of Daniel Day-Lewis in Superman. I wonder who they'd have him portray.

  28. You are so cute! Congrats on the stats.

    I love Farrell and can't wait for the remake. Great post.

  29. @Faith
    yep, nobody liked Monica's corset :( I'm thinking of changing the pic not to hurt people's feelings :)))

    hey, RaShelle, what's up in your world, haven't seen you around lately, moving going on as planned?


    ooh, I'm blushing now :) Glad you liked the news today ;)

  30. Oh look at you handsome devil you, Dezzy... who cares for Colin Farrell when you've got a real hunk like you are ;) Congrats on the stats, man you are such a blog celeb, Dezzy!

    As for Day-Lewis for Superman... wow, seems a bit of a stretch as he doesn't seem to like big blockbuster stuff, but oh wouldn't it be nice??

  31. ah, Flixy, you really are a sweet talker :)
    Thanks for that one ;)
    Yep, we haven't seen Daniel in blockbusters, but it seems Hollywood likes the trend of putting drama actors into super hero flicks (which I don't always approve of) !

  32. I liked Colin best in American Outlaws. He made a great Jesse James and even looked like the real James when he was in his twenties.

    Congrats on the 350,000!

  33. Peta Wilson is (and was) set to play Ruslana, not Josephine as that role from the beginning was linked to Natassia Malthe indeed.

  34. well, that's great news, we love Peta! :)