Friday, February 18, 2011


I have no idea who she is, but she's the new WONDER WOMAN. David E. Kelley has chosen Adrianne Palicki to take the lead role in NBC's pilot on WONDER WOMAN. As you know the show will focus on Diana Prince, an L.A. corporate executive who also
moonlights as the powerful crime fighter Wonder Woman. The story will revolve around Prince trying to juggle her busy life as a businesswoman and crime-fighting vigilante. Gorgeous Palicki has apparently appeared before in FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, and I only remember her from LEGION. Maybe you will remember her better if you click and see this pic of hers :)

I've mentioned some time ago that Sarah Michelle Gellar is coming back to TV in RINGER, a show about a young woman who is on the run from the mob, and now our favourite Welsh star Ioan Gruffudd will join the show as her husband. Sarah's character
in the show will unwittingly assume the role of her wealthy twin sister, only to discover that her sibling has an ungodly price on her head.

SHORT HEADLINES *Gorgeous Alice Eve has joined MAN IN BLACK III. *Warner Bros. is moving on with the production of futuristic epic SAMSON,  in which the biblical character is granted superhuman strength by God to combat his enemies. *The new adaptation of THE THREE STOOGES by Farrelly brothers with Benicio del Toro, Johnny Knoxville and Andy Samberg wants Cher to play a nun, mother superior. Oh, blessed freaks :) *Here's another sitcom with an interesting title - DON'T TRUST THE BITCH will have James Van Der Beek in ABC's comedy about an obnoxious New York party girl who causes trouble for her roommate and neighbors.
If you liked BONES (haven't watched it much myself) you might like its spin-off THE FINDER. It will be based on THE LOCATOR books by Richard Greener and will star charming Geoff Stults (whom I keep mixing with his brother George) as a former member of the military police who has the ability to find anything. Michael Clarke Duncan is set to play his partner, while super gorgeous and ultra talented Saffron Burrows (TROY, BOSTON LEGAL) shall play their side-kick as a resourceful bar owner who can fly a helicopter and drive a boat :)


  1. I love Bones! I'm going to check out the Finder. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. glad you like it, Clarissa, I knew it would be your cup of tea :))

  3. A little voice in my head told me I didn't want to click that link to see Palicki's picture. I knew you'd only hide it behind a link if there was something to hide in the first place. But did I click on it anyway? Yes. Yes I did. :)

  4. I just feel like the show won't be as successful. Making Wonder Woman relevant is probably going to be pretty difficult.

  5. I've not been in the blogosphere the last few days and missed your GREAT news about Jude Law, Ben Kingley, Jeremy Irons, THE TREEHOUSE, Peter Greenaway, and Helena Bonham Carter. Serves me right.

  6. Wait a minute--3 Stooges, Benecio del Toro, Cher -- are you posting your April Fools Day story early? This combination just doesn't seem to sound right. But I'd watch it if it were real.

    the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  7. Dez I had no idea wonder woman was going to be coming to tv! I remember watching it with wonder and fascination when I was a little girl. I am excited to hear about this show, when does it start? Is it on a network channel or cable? Three stooges too?? I remember watching them on sunday nights with my family, I am sure it will be different, but sounds like it should be a lot of fun! As always I love reading what you have, I could get lost in your site for days, and love every minute of it! Thanks agian Dez for your fun site and all the great information you give us!

  8. oh never mind on which channel, I went back and re read it and saw it will be on NBC, will it be the fall< or are they looking at the summer?

  9. I'm so happy I'll get to see Ioan on a regular basis. I love, love, love him. And I'm very excited that SMG will be back on screen. Yay!! And I like Adrianne, she'll make an awesome Wonder Woman. It's about time we have a female superhero at least on television. I still want a feature film with WW.

  10. @Zoe
    glad you like it ;)

    he he ... you know what they say - curiosity killed the cat :))))

    yes, I have the same feeling. It probably won't be luxurious, sexy and flamboyant as it should be, and it will turn into just another mediocre show with mediocre actors and mediocre stories, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. @Arlee
    it's not a joke, Lee, it's really true :) The movie hasn't been greenlit yet, so it might not happen in the end, but the current plan is what you read above :)

    Hey, Debs, the pilot will be broadcast in Fall, and after that they will decide whether to continue the show or not. Glad you enjoy your visits, you know I like having you here every time :)

    Ioan is a sweetheart, isn't he? Yes, it's about time to get a super heroine on TV, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will do it right! I'm not sure we will get a second chance if they ruin this one!

  12. @Robert
    but now you're here and you read them :) Consider yourself informed :)

  13. I saw her in legion and while pretty, she didn't impress me as an actress. Does she have the size for the role? IMDB puts her at 5'11, but is she willing to put on a little mass.

  14. Wonder Woman will have to be something to make it work. I just can't see it on TV, maybe a movie. I am interested in Ioan, I mean "Ringer"I loved him in the "Horatio Hornblower" series...yeah, that's the name. He plays a Royal Naval Officer. The series was on TV at one point in time. I need to start the series over(NETFLIX). Also love Geoff Stults, I mean the Finders looks good ;-D Happy Friday!

  15. Can't say I'm all that interested in the new Wonderwoman, either....

  16. Never heard or seen Palicki before but she seems ok as Wonder Woman. I'll reserve judgment until I see the trailer.

    Oooh, seeing the gorgeous Ioan Gruffud every week on TV would be awesome, I hope it's not going to be on cable.

  17. dude! that's sam's dead girlfriend from SUPERNATURAL!!! and i liked legion- hey! not JUST because of bettany... ok, maybe that's a bit of the reason. i hope she does well!

  18. Well, the new Wonder Woman actress is cute, and good looking. But, they really surprised us by casting blonde for that role. :) Never would've guessed. She'll probably dye her hair black for show.

    I would like to see Ioan Gruffud in TV series. his Ringer is not my favorite genre, but it could be interesting.

    So, Samson is going to be SF, not historical fantasy?

    Haven't seen the Original Stooges, but I'm always up for more comedy.

    Haven't seen Saffron Burrows in a while also. The cast for her new series sounds good. Again, not my genre, but maybe I'll give it a chance.

  19. @Budd
    yes, I also didn't remember her from LEGION until I saw the pic of her from the film, so she obviously wasn't impressive there.

    yes, Ioan was great in that naval series :)And I also love the Stults brothers :)

  20. @Dark Blue
    glad you approve, my dear ;)

    yes, I'm afraid they didn't inspire us so far to get overly excited about the show :(

    if I remember correctly it will be at one of the big channels :) So you will be seeing lots of Ioan :)

  21. @Vics
    haven't watched SUPERNATURAL so I wouldn't know :) But I liked LEGION too, since I knew what to expect before I sat down to watch it :) It was wonderfully kitschy :)

    she already died her hair, but I didn't find nice pics of her with the new colour, so I opted for the blond version :)
    Ioan's and Saffron's new shows also do not fall under my genre, but I do like the two of them as actors :)SAMSON will be set in the future, not in the past, as far as I've got it.

  22. Oh, so it'll be on network tv. Awesome then. Thanks for the tip Mr. Spy :D

  23. Adrianne Palicki is married to Jared Palicki who stars on the show Supernatural on the CW, he plays Sam Winchester the taller brother. She's been on that show a couple times but I haven't seen her in much else. Don't know how I feel about this Wonder Woman show, especially since it's going to be on NBC... it will probably be canceled. The Cape proves NBC can't do very well with superhero shows.

  24. @answermvp- i don't want to sound like a jerk or anything- but i'm kinda obsessed with supernatural- sam is played by jared padalecki (which sounds very similar to palicki and makes it really odd that she played his girlfriend) but he is actually married to an actress who played a different girlfriend of his on the show- Genevieve Cortese (who was also the star of Wildfire). sorry! there is so few hollywood things i actually know anything about!!! can't keep my big yap shut!

  25. @Answer and Vics
    yes, I wanted to say the same thing as Vics :) Answer, Palicki and Padalecki aren't the same surnames :) Similar to Vics, I've also followed Jared long before he joined SUPERNATURAL, back in the days when he started his career in famous GILMORE GIRLS.
    I haven't watched THE CAPE yet, I hear some people really like it, and some people really hate it :) I will probably find it boring, as I do with most of such shows on TV. Superhero shows need more creativity in writing department and bigger budgets.

  26. My mistake then, I believe it's the girl who played the 2nd incarnation of the demon Ruby that he married. Hard to keep track of all the hot girls that make appearances on Supernatural. I knew it was one of the girls who had been on the show. So don't tar and feather me for it! ;)

  27. ah, bummer, and I've just prepared me a nice big bucket full of tar and a sack of feathers :))) and I summoned the villagers with pitchforks and shovels :)

  28. Since I've griped and complained enough about who they would choose for WW, I guess I'll chime in here. One positive for Palicki is that she's 5'11". So she has the height. Her hair can be dyed of course. She doesn't quite have the figure (muscular structure or curves), but I suppose I could suspend reality a little bit if she does a decent enough job.

  29. what do you mean she has no curves? Didn't you check the link written in red in her part of the above post?

  30. Sorry Dez, can't view that link here at work. I'll check it out at home though. For now, I'll take your word for it.