Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ah, this was a very unusual poll. Your votes were spread almost equally among the gorgeous candidates, and they all got your share of love with no big favourites in the race till the end. But one of the girls was more feline-like than the others and she won - Nicole Scherzinger
should BE THE NEXT CATWOMAN according to 31% of your votes. Charlize Theron took second place (15%) while purrrrtastic Vanessa Marcil surprised us all taking 14% of your love. Eva Longoria had 11%.

Well, this really was a great year for Nicole. Not only that she won DANCING WITH THE STARS, but she also scored a role in the new MAN IN BLACK III, she has two mega hits - stunning HEARTBEAT with Enrique Iglesias which is currently bombing all the pop charts around the world and her new single POISON which has become a huge hit in just a few weeks showing her as a real CatWoman in the video. On top of all that her love with Formula One star Lewis Hamilton is blooming and they do seem as an adorable couple.
She has shown us her acting talent and an almost breathtaking charisma and stage presence in many of her music videos - first the ones with PUSSYCAT DOLLS (my favourite
would be BUTTONS with her stunning dancing and looks, I HATE THIS PART with her
amazing voice, JAI HO with exotic melody) and then her own singles (she had a debut album in Europe HER NAME IS NICOLE in 2008 with a huge huge hit BABY LOVE which made her one of the most beloved pop star around the world that year although she decided not to release it over in USA). She is preparing a new album currently with the help of some of my favourite people from the world of music - Timbaland, Lady Gaga, Jay Sean and Ne Yo.  Speaking of Timbaland, Nicole sang vocals in his sensational hit song SCREAM (the sexiest song ever) and she appeared in the video for it, looking better than ever.
When it comes to acting,
there were rumors that she was working closely with Andrew Loyd Webber on the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA sequel LOVE NEVER DIES. She has appeared in popular sitcoms SABRINA and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

Now let us go to the second part of WHO SHOULD BE THE NEW CATWOMAN poll. Eight new stunning, cat-like beauties are in the run: Lyn Collins (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, JOHN CARTER OF MARS, WOLVERINE), Beyonce (DREAMGIRLS),  Catherine Zeta Jones (CHICAGO,ZORRO, NO RESERVATIONS),  Rachel Weisz (THE MUMMY, CONSTANT GARDENER, THE FOUNTAIN),  Bryce Dallas Howard (TERMINATOR SALVATION, LOSS OF A TEARDROP DIAMOND),  Emily Blunt (THE YOUNG VICTORIA, DEVIL WEARS PRADA), Cameron Dias (CHARLIE'S ANGELS) or Rhona Mitra (UNDERWORLD). You can vote next two weeks as much as you like.


  1. Rachel Weisz down as Catwoman.

  2. Can you imagine Rachel Weisz next to Christian Bale?

    I can't believe I'm going to say this but: ZOMG!

    I approve of this message.

  3. Booo!! Jessica Alba would look better in a tight black bodysuit than a pussycat doll! Ahh, that's why they voted for her! Ha!!

    Although Lynn Collins would be better, wearing the same catsuit she's got on in that photo up there!

  4. Never heard of her before but now I remember seeing those Pussycat Dolls music videos when I'm at the gym. Sure she's pretty but I'd hate to see someone with no acting talent against someone like Bale. So yeah, I'd rather see Rachel Weisz in the role... or better yet, Marion Cottilard.

  5. @Stephanie
    they would certainly make a stunning couple :)

    if only Alba could act :) And I knew someone would notice Lynn's invisible catsuit :)

    first this poll isn't really about DARK KNIGHT because you know I wouldn't wanna see any of the people I love in a Nollan's movie :) I'm more promoting her an idea of a new CATWOMAN flick :) Second, Nicole actually has acting talent. And third, Marion would be a horrible choice, she just doesn't have looks nor charisma for it.

  6. Well Dezzy, sadly we'd have to disagree again on 2 out of 3 (I have nothing to say about Nicole nor do I have any desire to find out if you're right or not) In any case, it'd be a boring world if we always agree on everything right? :)

  7. Nicole S. had a great guest spot on How I Met Your Mother a few weeks back. She sang in it too!
    Okay, I was between three for the next poll, but gave it to Rachel.

  8. Definitely, Rachel Weisz.

    And while I'm here, where are all the Christmas decorations you promised me :)

  9. Nice results, maybe it was the picture or something else, but Nicole was my vote. :-)

  10. @Flixy
    indeed, darling, but we do agree on 85 out of 100 things which is a high score :))

    she was great in it :) I see everybody will be voting for Weisz :)

    Meow indeed :)

  11. @Wendy
    oh, Wendy dearest, I've promised you the Christmas decorations for this weekend :) And this weekend shall be!

    oh, please, what picture? :PPP You voted for her because you're the only person I know who knows the lyrics for JAI HO :)))))

  12. it seems we have a winner at the very beginning :)

  13. Well i think Nicole would make a great Catwoman, although I have to be honest and say I voted Eva he he, thats just because I kinda fancy her which is odly strange if you have got to know me LOL
    'make up your mind Sanders'!

  14. I'm with you, agent Sanders, and I don't get it how could that crazy ex-hubs of hers cheat on her???
    Eva was the only good thing at this years EMAs in Spain.

  15. I remember when Nicole was just getting started in a group called eden's crush, it was one of those groups put together on a television show. I loved her and have followed her ever since. I see that the polls are closed but I would have to say that I agree that she would be perfect as cat woman. But then all of your canditates were totally cat woman worthy! Great picks!

  16. glad you like the winner, Debbs, and don't forget to vote for some of the ladies in the new poll :)