Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So what's the best revenge after a women gets divorced from her husband because he cheated on her: maybe starting a sizzling and super steamy relationship with some sinfully gorgeous male top model who is at least ten years younger than her ex husband? Well, that's exactly what our lovely British rose Kate Winslet has done. After her marriage split from movie director Sam Mendes earlier this year, Kate wasn't crying her heart out for too long. The Oscar-winning actress has been going out with a hunky top model Louis Dowler for a few months now and they have become inseparable. Louis is her age (32) and is most famous for the Burberry fashion campaign he did with Kate Moss. Kate has been married two times and both of her husbands were much older than her so the choice of this six-foot tall and strikingly handsome model is more than interesting one. People who know him describe him as a down-to-earth guy who could give piece and security to Kate Winslet. It's interesting that Kate has shot a new miniseries this year called "Mildred Pierce" in which she plays a middle-class housewife who divorces her husband and goes on to raise their children on her own. Strange coincidence isn't it? After divorcing Mendes, Kate took their son Joe (6) and her daughter Mia (9) and they moved to New York. Are you cheering for Kate in this one?


  1. I hope so too, she deserves some happiness after all the happiness she gave us through her amazing roles.

  2. Hard to know if anyone's at fault in this kind of thing ... but even harder not to cheer for someone as beautiful as Kate.

  3. Is great to know she's moving on. I'm cheering for her to be really happy, she deserves it.

    OML :)

  4. @Matthew
    I totally agree with you here, Matthew!

    I agree! :)

  5. She is the only woman I feel attracted to!! Seriously, she's so talented, pure and unique! Can't understand her ex husband, even though no one knows the whole story ;)

    Viva Kate!


  6. DEZMOND - She's totally hot and her ex's were gross (of course they could've been lovely in person - but I doubt it - LOL). I'm glad she's found a guy that's gorgeous and HER AGE. I say enjoy and be happy.

  7. @Arlee
    we wish them well as well.

    she really is one of the five most talented living actresses.

    I think they were both nice blokes, but something obviously went wrong and they parted.

  8. Did you ask a question, Dezz? I'm still staring at Kate's naked ass...
    Bummer, guess I'm off her list then.

  9. you know me well enough, Alex, to also know that I put Kate's tushie picture in this post just for you ;))) I know how much you like all sorts of Kates :)))

  10. Good for Kate!
    He looks like a guy who could be on the cover of a romance novel!
    I'm also amazed at how different she looks in that picture w/ her wearing the white coat. Reminds me a little of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

  11. Good for her. She's incredibly beautiful and talented. Plus she seems like a class act.

  12. @Lisa
    those are all her famous VANITY FAIR photos in which they wanted to make her look like Catherine Deneuve :) She is super sexy in that photo session.

    @Kelly and Ellie
    your names rhyme :)) Yes, thumbs up for Kate!

  13. Yes - she is a fantastic actress and beautiful too. Always look forward to her movies!

  14. Kate Winslet as Mildred Pierce? Those are BIG shoes to fill.

  15. What a vulger picture of her with arse out, thought she was more tasteful than that.

  16. @Anonymous 1
    she really is one of the best actresses out there

    @Anonymous 3
    there, there, how can something that celebrates female beauty and sensuality be vulgar? Every part of our body is beautiful and pretty, and can't be vulgar especially when it's perfectly shaped like the one at the bottom of miss Kate's back :) I think the photo is pure art.