Monday, December 7, 2009


No .... off course I haven't published this pic for the reasons you are thinking of :) Joanna Krupa is one of PETA's angels fighting against people who exploit and torture animals for gluttony, entertainment and pure vanity. In this particular case she is sending you the message to adopt animals instead of buying them in order to save the lives of many abandoned cats and dogs. Joanna is a Polish model and actress. She has appeared in TV shows "Las Vegas" and "CSI", and in movies such are "Planet of the Apes" and "Ripple Effect". Catholic leaders have criticized the above picture but it was expected for Church to act in its hypocritical and retrograde ways attacking campaigns which promote positive and responsible thinking.
PS if you click on both pics, you will see them in all their beauty.


  1. I would also like to mention animals which are used in a "professional" matter. In fields such as horse racing, circus animals, or any other "professional" kind of use of trained animals. Those animals are not abandoned, but very well taken care of, or so they say. I don't believe it for a second. Most of those people see animals as a mean to and end, not as a true living being. Exceptions are rare.
    I also have only slight better opinion on those who use their "pets" on every possible animal show, just to win some prises.

  2. Yep, Marko, HOLLYWOOD SPY totally supports that agenda as well. If you go down to the bottom of HOLLYWOOD SPY's page you will see some of the posters for campaigns we support as well. One of them is DON'T BE TAKEN FOR A RIDE - I'd personally never ride a horse nor any other animal, since I don't believe any creature enjoys being ridden.

  3. For the most part I think PETA is full of a bunch of nuts, but I will give it to them they sure do know how to advertise.

  4. Well, in the modern era you just have to use the media to promote your agenda and transmit your messages the best you can. We all know that gorgeous models attract huge attention, and if at least 30% of people who will see this campaign consider its topic message, it will be a success. After all, animals are innocent creatures and deserve to be protected.

  5. UGH! I knew Computer Science was the wrong field of study. Photography is where it's at!!! *cries* Of course with my luck while everyone else is picturing Joanna Krupa I'd get stuck with Rosie O'Donnell :P. I'll admit I'm not a supporter of PETA, but rather I support organizations like SPCA rather.

  6. I'm not against protecting animals, I just think PETA gets a little extreme / crazy at times about what they campaign for. But I'm all for humane treatment of animals. I'm also all for a big juicy steak at Outback Steakhouse.

  7. Peta is talking with the Cherokee Indian rez, where my family is from, about the cruelty of keeping bears on display and in cages. And I agree with Peta, I hope those bears will be set free. It is so sad to see those sorrowful eyes of those poor bears living in captivity.

    Dezmond, My family owns a ranch and our horses are our babies. They love us, with only a whistle they come running, trotting about, nudging us in hopes we will ride them. When you ride, you have to ride as one, and if the horse doesn't love you, then you endanger yourself. If you ride one in front of the other, he will get jealous and make a fuss, I mean to the point of turning their back on you. My cousin's horse will actually refuse treats if he sees my cousin with another horse. He is very jealous and will bite other horses if they get to close to my cousin.

    But I know what you mean; I have seen other riders mistreat their horses. It is very sad because horses are like a dog, you have to spend a great deal of time with them, baby them, or it is neglect and I hate more then anything for people to neglect any animal. Horses are not a machine and should not be treated like one. I have seen riders kick their horse in the side to go faster, and you do not have too! I squeeze my legs and she will pick up her speed. I don't even need a saddle. I do not ride on concrete, only grass.

    My father is a veterinarian and has witnessed the aftermath of large animal abuse. When he hires new employees, he is very careful whom he allows near our horses. Horses are like children, very innocent and easily hurt. We have about 12 wranglers and my father keeps cameras just in case.
    By the way sorry to go off the subject...And to go on and on...

  8. There's nothing more extreme than killing other creatures and then feasting on their dead corpses, so calling PETA an extreme organization is a bit hypocritical.

    I strongly believe if most meat eaters saw the exact process of killing animals in the meat industry (and in all other animal killing industries) they would never eat meat again. To most of you it is something very abstract, distant from you, so you don't care how the steak has ended in your plate.

    I respect all that you wrote, and I believe that you and your family treat animals well, but I still don't think that any of those horses likes being ridden - all of them would prefer their natural surroundings - running freely in some meadow, prairie or forest. But I do respect and acknowledge the efforts you and your family are paying in easing the difficult lives of captured animals.

    are you imposing that Rossie O'Donnell is not strikingly beautiful???? :))